Is it dangerous for a baby to get entangled in the umbilical cord?

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Every mother who is about to give birth wants her baby to be born into the world safely without any disturbance. Since just pregnant, Mums will definitely take care of, eat healthy food and do things that can make the baby’s condition so healthy and can be born safely.

But what you do is also not always able to make the conditions in the fetus always safe and awake as seen from the outside. Mums, doctors and other people also can not predict what will happen in the fetus if it is not kept under control. Sometimes babies can do unexpected things in your tummy.

One of them is the condition of the baby being wrapped in the umbilical cord or nuchal cord. This condition is one of the common complications that often occurs. In some cases, this condition can be very worrying for fear that the baby will be suffocated by the umbilical cord itself. But in other conditions, the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby is also not as dangerous as you might imagine.

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What Causes Babies to Get Stuck in the Umbilical Cord?

Reported from babycenter, Babies entangled in the umbilical cord can be caused because the baby is too active to move in the womb. Usually this happens because the baby’s umbilical cord is longer than the average baby in general. Although it’s not the only two things that can make the baby entangled in the umbilical cord.

Babies who are wrapped in the umbilical cord are actually not harmful to the baby, because the baby’s fetus is protected by a layer of jelly called Wharton’s Jelly which has a function to keep the baby’s umbilical cord from being affected by blood vessel pressure. Therefore, technically a baby who is wrapped in the umbilical cord will not be strangled by the neck. However, unpredictable or overactive baby movements can make this happen.

Is the condition of a baby entangled in the umbilical cord often occurs?

The umbilical cord extends from the opening in the abdomen to the placenta. While the baby is in the womb, the umbilical cord becomes a link between you and your baby and then carries oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the baby’s bloodstream to help the baby grow and develop in the fetus. The average length of the umbilical cord is 50cm. because babies who move too actively, rotate 360 ​​degrees so that the umbilical cord will surround the baby’s body.

A good umbilical cord must be intact when the baby is born so that the baby can still receive oxygen until he can breathe through his nose. After 2 minutes out of the womb, the umbilical cord can be cut so that the baby can breathe through the nose.

While in the womb, the baby can be entangled in the umbilical cord due to the movement of the baby in the fetus. This can make the baby entangled in the neck and other body parts. This condition can occur about 1 in 3 babies who experience something like that. When the baby is wrapped in the umbilical cord in the womb, it is not dangerous because the umbilical cord floats in the amniotic fluid.

However, when the baby is about to be born, it will be a dangerous condition for the baby because the umbilical cord that wraps around the baby’s neck may be compressed during the delivery process so that this can reduce the oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the baby.

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Is It Dangerous for Babies to Have a Twisted Umbilical Cord?

There is an explanation that reveals whether or not the condition of a baby who is wrapped in the umbilical cord is in the womb or is about to be born. Such conditions are:

Non-harmful twist

In most cases, generally a baby who is wrapped in the umbilical cord is not dangerous. The doctor can remove the loop around your baby’s neck as soon as the baby’s head begins to pop out. The coil can be easily removed because the umbilical cord that is wrapped around the baby is already loose from inside the fetus.

Coils that may be bad for health

If the umbilical cord is wrapped too tightly, this condition will be bad for the baby. When the coil that surrounds the body and neck exceeds one loop, it is feared that the baby may die in the womb.

Another condition if the baby is wrapped too tightly, the oxygen delivered to the baby makes the baby’s heart condition weaken. During delivery, the doctor will usually cut the umbilical cord before the baby is out of the birth canal. However, this condition is very rare.

If this condition afflicts your baby, immediately consult a doctor and start monitoring regularly through the medical team. If during monitoring the condition worsens, it is feared that there will be problems during the delivery process. However, if the condition continues to improve, then the delivery process can run normally.

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