Overcoming Carry Me Syndrome, Your Little One Asks To Be Carried

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Mengatasi Carry Me Syndrome, Si Kecil Minta Digendong Terus

When taking your little one for a walk, he may ask Mums or Dads to carry him. Given the age of the little one who is no longer a baby, this will be a concern for parents when the little one is very dependent on always being carried and doesn’t want to walk while traveling.

When your little one can put their feet on the floor and walk, of course this is a fun thing for Mums and Dads. Finally the little one can walk! But the fun changes when your little one refuses to wear shoes and walks alone when taken for a walk. In fact, it has been running very smoothly.

Some toddlers do choose to be carried because they don’t want to be separated from Mums and Dads and they will tend to refuse to walk alone.

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Overcome Carry Me Syndrome

Here are tips that Mums and Dads can do so that your little one wants to walk together without asking to be carried:

Make the situation that walking is fun

Create a fun atmosphere when Mums and Dads take your little one for a walk. By looking around and establishing communication with your little one, such as pointing at the flowers on the edge of the garden or learning to count the trees he saw during a walk. In addition, Mums and Dads can make games while walking with their little ones in the park.

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Involve your little one when shopping

If Mums and Dads are walking to the supermarket, involve your little one when shopping. Give him a piece of paper like Mums holds to make him feel like he did. After that, give him some light groceries to take with him. Tell your little one that you need his help. Generally, your little one wants to be involved in everything.

Walk slowly

The little one’s legs are not strong enough to walk fast and for a long time. This is important for Mums and Dads to know so that they don’t walk too fast and your little one becomes tired and cranky. Walk hand in hand with your little one then stop for a moment when your little one is tired.

Praise your little one’s efforts

Praise your little one when he wants to walk, even if it’s just a short trip. Tell him that he has become an adult who is not dependent and ask to be held again.

Don’t criticize if you fail

Never call your little one “baby” just because he doesn’t want to. Also, don’t make your little one jealous by saying that Mums is holding his sister or is pregnant.

Make a deal

If you are walking home on foot and your little one is getting tired. Make a deal with your little one, saying that “Mums will carry your little brother when you get close to the house and now you walk with Mums first”. This alternative can distract your little one so he doesn’t ask to be carried during the trip.

Show examples

If while traveling your little one sees a familiar peer walking, then he will also follow. So Mum can playdate with your little one’s friends when you want to take him for a walk.

Do not give up

Mums and Dads must be consistent to train their little one to walk alone without being carried. Do it gradually and when the little one cries. Try not to carry him right away because this could be the reason later. If your little one cries, it’s best if Mums or Dads can stop for a while then touch your little one gently, establish communication and hug him. This is to keep your little one feeling safe and comfortable.

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