Daniel Mananta Withdraws From Indonesian Idol: “I Want To Be Obedient To God” !

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Celebrity Info – Apart from communicating with conscience, there was one dramatic moment that Daniel Mananta experienced until it made him determined to draw closer to God. The moment happened a day before the actor in the film A Man Called Ahok had his birthday.

On August 13, 2020, Daniel Mananta has made an appointment with one of his best friends to have dinner together. But unfortunately, the plan was canceled because the child of his best friend had an accident.

“His son (let’s call it) Joni, who was only 19 years old, was in a car accident, in a coma, critical, and died, which was supposed to be on the night of August 13, but instead went to the coffin closing ceremony,” said Daniel Mananta.

Attending Joni’s son’s funeral made the film star A Man Called Ahok gasp. “There I saw like, wow, a 19-year-old child, while the next day it’s my birthday,” said Daniel Mananta.

Closing the coffin made Daniel Mananta realize that in life, human achievement is not 100 percent the result of his own efforts. There is a hand of God that plays an important role.

“It’s no longer because of performance, effort, or really good at choosing food. It’s not because we go to the gym every day or whatever. This is true, because it’s a gift from God,” Daniel Mananta continued.

He conveyed this in a video titled “Daniel Quit Idol: I Want To Be Obedient to God” published by Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel.

Daniel Mananta then thought, how good it is that life which is a gift from the Creator is used as well as possible so that it will bear fruit and develop for others.

“So I’m right, I block really, really filter what can get into my head, my ears, so that it doesn’t break my heart,” explained the star of the soap opera I Love U Boss.

Filtering information or anything that comes from around, said Daniel Mananta, it is important that he and his family avoid negative influences. So far, Daniel Mananta has benefited.

“So I really take care of my heart so I don’t live with fear, stress, depression, no peace, I see. I really take care so that the output that comes out is peace and sweet fruits,” he concluded.

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