Now Quit Smoking, Awkarin Is Even Addicted To Vape!

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Celebrity Info – Celebrity Awkarin admits that he is very addicted to cigarettes. He couldn’t even get away from it.

But now he admits that he has started to leave. He began to turn to vaping to reduce his addiction to cigarettes.

“Opium? He he he actually if you can say I use it on a daily basis anyway. And yes, I’ve also stopped smoking actually and yesterday I had a cigarette just a distraction. Now I just vape more often,” said Awkarin when met at the Borobudur Hotel, Sawah Besar District.

In terms of health, Awkarin admitted to feeling a very significant change. He admitted that he was much better when he vaped. As is known, this 23-year-old woman has a history of asthma. But now the pain is reduced since leaving cigarettes.

“To be honest, after I switched to vaping, I had asthma, before that I was a heavy smoker. And yes, finally after I vape, my asthma has less recurrence. This is how I feel, yes, “said Awkarin.

Awkarin finally ventured to open a vape business. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he tried his luck in the business which was named “OpiumBy Awkarin.

“Actually, I’m just interested in the industry and from the data, I’m also interested. Then also the one who invited me, I also really like my relationship with the person who invited me. So finally, I mean as a friend we are good friends. So in the end, why not try to jump into a new industry,” said the woman whose real name is Karin Novilda Sulaiman.

Awkarin also gave the reason why he gave his business name with the words “Opium“. He said there was a positive message he wanted to convey.

“So before, if you look back at four years ago, I had released a music video, and it was called Opium. But the addiction you see there is addiction to negative things, substance, or addiction to toxic relationships. So finally, after four years of rebranding, the concept is called Opium 2.O,” added Awkarin.

Awkarin uses vaping in daily life. Not infrequently even when stressed, he often uses it.

“And yesterday one Indonesian went to a prank and the video was thought to be making another video clip. It’s just that there is a message that I want to show that this is a positive addiction, so vaping will accompany you every day. You can do many activities and activities, and actually vaping can be used in any activity,” he concluded.

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