Anya Geraldine Strictly Refuses When Her Mother Betrothed to a Regent!

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Celebrity Info – Since breaking up with Ovi Rangkuti some time ago, until now Anya Geraldine is still single. But in the midst of loneliness, the mother of the celebrity actually tries to find a mate for her daughter.

Anya Geraldine’s mother had sent a message. It’s about an arranged marriage with a regent when he was on vacation in Bali.

“Anya, do you want Mama to match this, what Regent, I forget. Continue to send photos like that, this age. His son is diligent in worship,” said the owner of the real name Nur Amaliya Hayati on her YouTube channel while talking with Kiky Saputri.

Anya firmly refused her mother’s offer. He said that he is currently in love with someone else. “I just replied, ‘I like someone else, Mom.’ I just replied like that,” Anya recalled.

Kiky Saputri suggested that Anya Geraldine should obey her mother’s words. But Anya has her own answer. “You don’t want to try with the regent first. It’s good that you immediately become the regent’s mother,” asked Kiky.

“Either I can’t be a celebgram anymore. Later I can’t take sexy photos anymore, I’ll be scolded later. If you have a lot of money, then you will be picked up. Yes, no,” answered Anya.

Anya Geraldine is a typical independent woman who doesn’t want to rely on others for success. If he is close to or married to the Regent, it is the opposite for him.

As far as I know, if you have a rich politician husband, you have a lot of money. I’m kind of like that person. I wish if I had a nice car, I took a photo. When I went on vacation abroad, I took photos. So it’s better to look for entrepreneurs,” said Anya Geraldine.

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