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Whether the relationship is just beginning or has a history of several years, we always want to have a perfect relationship. It is normal to always want life to always remain rosy, but to do so is not only tiring and counterproductive but to a great extent unrealistic. Perfection does not exist, so calm down and live the moment. If you are feeling good about yourself and are on the same page as your partner when it comes to the basics of your relationship, then you already have something valuable! It is important to understand yourself and then to make efforts to understand your partner and, since there is always room to improve, we have identified the 8 main mistakes that must be avoided to avoid scare away your partner.

Being too self-centered

First attitude that makes the partner move away: not paying attention to their needs and only thinking about yourself. Focusing only on their own wants, needs, or concerns makes it difficult to see how the other person is feeling and, as a result, quickly undermines the relationship. One of the worst things for a couple is to be on different wavelengths. In order for life together to function with ease, we must go out of ourselves to go towards the other and evolve together.

Need too much attention

Asking too much attention, wanting to be constantly reassured (e) but also jealousy are some of the harmful attitudes that destroy the couple. Not receiving an immediate response to a message, for example, or being jealous / jealous, suffocates the partner and hurts all of you, because you are poisoned by doubts. Living moments alone, with your family or your own friends is very important to keep a good balance in your relationship.

Not having your own secret garden

We have just mentioned it: taking time for yourself and having your personal activities is essential for the harmony of a couple. We don’t necessarily have to do everything together, share everything: on the contrary, everyone must keep their space and their margin of spontaneity. You have to know how to find the right balance between the moments that we share as a couple and which are essential for the couple, the moments with family or friends and finally the moments alone to be able to breathe, to be happy and happy to be together. -same. As a certain Voltaire said, “we must cultivate our garden” …

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