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Who has not dreamed at least once of playing their favorite movie, series or comic book character by dressing up like him at a party or an important event like ComicCon? Some fans go to great lengths when it comes to interpretations and raise the level very high! For our readers, we looked for the best female cosplays as we saw on Pinterest, to offer inspirations to escape a too stifling daily reality and escape into these imaginary worlds that we like so much … get ready, they are Very cool !


While waiting for the next parts (theatrical release planned between 2022 and 2028) of James Cameron’s magnificent film, you can prepare your costume using these two impressive interpretations of the beautiful creature Neytiri. Admire the work, from head to toe!

Captain America

The beloved comic book character who appeals to both men and women alike, is offered here in two alluring variations of Captain America, and a rather compelling female version. When will a real “Captain America Woman” appear in the cinema?

Wonder Woman

To stay in the world of comics, we offer you the model of a great classic for female cosplays: Wonder Woman. A transformation far from simple (if we do not want to fall into the “easy” or the vulgar), these two young women have won the bet very well in terms of authenticity!

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