7 reasons why the soap opera Bond of Love is so viral!

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Have you ever watched the soap opera “Ikatan Cinta”? If not, then you should watch it immediately. Because the soap opera which premiered last October 2020 is very viral and famous. How come? There must be a reason right? Well, this time, we will share 7 reasons why the soap opera “Ikatan Cinta” is so viral! Jump to the first list below yes.

1. Chemistry Aldebaran and Andin Captivate the Heart

The soap opera “Ikatan Cinta” has two main characters, played by two handsome and beautiful artists, Arya Saloka as Aldebaran and Amanda Manopo as Andin. Arya and Amanda’s acting ability is unquestionable, they managed to build chemistry as a sweet family in this soap opera. Aldebaran’s cheeky but romantic nature, and the gentle Andin turned out to be very suitable and made them a couple that made the entire audience excited! What do you think? Are Aldebaran and Andin really romantic and compatible? Comment below yes!

2. Sprinkled with Talented Young Stars

In addition to the two main characters who captivate the heart, it turns out that the famous soap opera “Ikatan Cinta” is studded with talented young stars, you know! For example, Amanda’s ‘sister’, Glenca Chysara, who plays the antagonist named Elsa. Maybe the name of the beautiful artist is not so familiar, huh? But make no mistake, Glenca has had a long career in television, especially in FTV and soap operas. He made his debut in the soap opera “Aku Anak Indonesia” which aired in 2014, so his acting skills have been proven really.

In addition to Glenca, there is also Evan Sanders, a senior actor who has had a career in the world of Indonesian role-playing since 2004 in the soap opera ‘Si Kembar’ and in 2005 in the feature film ‘Dealova’. In “The Bond of Love” Evan Sanders plays Nino, Elsa’s husband. Several senior and young artists also starred in this soap opera, such as Surya Saputra, Natasha Dewanti, Fiki Alman, Ivanka Suwandi, and Willy Felix. Does your idol play this soap opera?

3. Emotion-draining Storyline

Besides being played by professional and charming soap opera artists, the storyline of the soap opera “Ikatan Cinta” itself is also emotionally draining. Not in quotes, yes, in fact many viewers are baperled and sad when there are scenes that drain tears. Especially the scene where Andin was beaten by Elsa, or maybe when his sister Aldebaran died. On the other hand, many viewers are also happy when the main character looks happy. For example, mothers in Magelang held a celebration when Aldebaran and Andin did not get divorced. Wow, is that so? Of course, yes. If a film manages to convey the feelings of the viewers, it can be said that the film is a huge success!

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