7 Facts of Popular Celebrity Nagita Slavina, Second Child Pregnant!

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Who doesn’t know Nagita Slavina? Yep, he is the soulmate of a twisted celebrity, Raffi Ahmad. The woman who is familiarly called Gigi is very famous for her generous nature and humble. Well, this time we will discuss 7 facts about the popular celebrity Nagita Slavina. Check out the first list below!

1. Child of a Legendary Artist Couple

Nagita Slavina or Gigi was born in Jakarta, February 17, 1988. Who would have thought that it turns out that Nagita Slavina is the daughter of a legendary artist couple? Yes, Gigi is the baby of Gideon Tengker who is the legendary guitarist of a band called Drakhma, and also Rieta Amilia who is Drakhma’s vocalist, actress, and also the founder of the Frame Ritz production house who has given birth to many famous artists such as Tyas Mirasih, Kiki Farrell, and Bunga. Zainal.

However, Gideon and Rieta have been divorced for a long time and Rita has also remarried to Basuki Widjaja Kusuma, an advisor to the Dubai International Holding Company (DIHC). Despite being divorced, Gideon, Rieta, and their children remain on good terms until now.

2. Has 21 Years of Career in the Indonesian Entertainment World

Nagita Slavina has 21 years of career in the entertainment world, you know! This 33-year-old woman is a presenter, actress, model, and film producer. Nagita started her career in 2000 as a facial cleanser commercial model. After that, she continued her career as an actress and starred in the legendary soap opera “Inem Si Waiter Slebor”.

After being successful as a model and soap opera star, Gigi developed her career as a singer, presenter, to Co-Executive Producer at her mother’s company, Frame Ritz. To date, he has won more than 10 celebrity awards, such as Favorite Couple with Raffi Ahmad at the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards 2014, Most Charming Celebrity at Celebrity On News Awards 2017, and Most Popular TV Program Couple at Indonesian Television Awards 2018. Wow, that’s really cool!

3. Ever been to Cooking School

This Jakarta-born woman turned out to have learned to cook at Le Cordon Bleu London, you know! Wow, that’s really far! This was revealed when Gigi will guide a new television program entitled Dapur Sosialita which airs on WeTV. Celebrities Keanu Agl and Fadil Jaidi also shared their cooking experience with Gigi. Keanu revealed that Gigi never used a special measure when pouring spices into dishes. Even so, Keanu complimented Gigi’s cooking which was always delicious.

Fadil Jaidi also admitted that Gigi’s cooking never fails even though the spices are not measured at all. While joking, Fadil said, “Yes, it’s the same, it’s really fun, but how come it’s really true, I’m cutting it all of a sudden, there’s no measure for him, so…moodher, if again mood yes, add it, if not mood go home. ”

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