There’s Rizky Billar, These are the 10 Most Handsome Young Indonesian Celebrities!

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Do you continue to follow the world of Indonesian celebrities? If so, surely you know that this handsome newcomer celebrity is a delight! Starting from mixed blood to local. Well, this time we will share 10 of the most handsome young Indonesian celebrities, there is Rizky Billar, you know!

1. Angga Yunanda

In the first list there is Angga Yunanda who has starred in many big screen films. The man who was born on May 16, 2000 was originally known through soap operas entitled “Malu-Malu Kucing” and “Mermaid in Love”. His name is increasingly known during a duet with Adhisty Zara in the film “Dua Garis Biru”. Angga Yunanda has a very handsome face. Because of the popularity of Instagram, Angga Yunanda has more than 7 million followers, amazing!

2. Rizky Billiards

Rizky Billar was born in Medan, July 12, 1995. He started his career in the modeling world and turned into an actor in various soap operas, FTV, and feature films. Even now, Rizky Billar is also selling well presenter and guest stars on top events such as Ambyar Night Concert, Romantic Concert, OTW, and many more. Currently, Rizky Billar has proposed to his lover, Lesty Kejora. Then what about Rizky Billar’s good looks? Try to judge for yourself from the photo, just handsome or really?

3. Verrell Bramasta

If you like watching FTV or soap operas, you must be familiar with Verrell Bramasta’s handsome face. Yep, the child of the artist Venna Melinda often appears in various FTV titles and soap operas such as “Son of the Sky”, “Cinta Anak Muda”, and “Princess for Princes”. In addition, Verrell also often appears as a discjokey aka DJ and singer. He has released many songs such as “When I Fall in Love”, “Love Without Reason”, and “Cinta Kita Muda” feat Febby Rastanty. Verrell’s own good looks are unquestionable, capable of anesthetizing women!

4. Rizky Nazar

Rizky Nazar Mubarak Basloom or familiarly called Rizky Nazar is an actor, model and singer who was born in Bali, March 7, 1996. He was first known to netizens through his role as Alex in the soap opera “Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu The Series”. The latest news, he will play the role of Gatotkaca in the big screen film “Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca” you know! Wow, definitely will epic! Meanwhile, Rizky Nazar who comes from Arab-Balinese descent looks macho very yes!

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