The twists and turns of Rizki DA’s and Nadya’s marriage, a month of marriage has been separated!

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Rizki Syafaruddin or familiarly called Rizki DA seems to be in the public spotlight until now. This happened because Rizki DA dropped the divorce on his wife, Nadya Mustika, when their marriage was only the age of corn! What is the chronology and facts like? Well, this time we will discuss the intricacies of Rizki DA’s and Nadya’s marriage, which shocked the public. Without waiting any longer, check out the full details below.

1. Without Dating Directly Married

On July 17, 2020, Rizki DA married a beautiful woman from Bandung named Nadya Mustika Rahayu. They married in Bandung with a gold dowry weighing 20 grams. Reporting from various sources, Rizki DA and Nadya apparently never dated before getting married. Who is Nadya Mustika?

Nadya Mustika Rahayu is a midwife and also a famous celebrity. He is also very active in the activities of the Baitul Arief Orphanage in Bandung. His name is increasingly sought after by netizens because he is married to his son Iis Dahlia as well as a dangdut singer, namely Rizki DA. so curiousAccording to netizens with Nadya’s origins, rumors circulated that when she was little she was abandoned and placed in an orphanage!

Finally, Nadya’s adopted sister, Rini Nuraeni, spoke up, “Your late father left Nadya here to Mr. Warsa as the head of the Baitul Arief orphanage to go to school. Maybe you’re worried that Nadya has to live on her own because she’s a girl.” So indeed Nadya was not abandoned, but was deliberately entrusted to an orphanage.

2. Early Marriage Looks Very Romantic

A few days after getting married, Rizki DA and Nadya Mustika looked very intimate and often appeared on various television shows. There are no oblique issues about their marriage. Even 4 days after getting married, Rizki DA and Nadya were invited to a famous television show entitled Okay Bos hosted by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina.

At the event, Nadya could tell the difference between Rizki and Ridho, even though they were twins, so romantic! On the same day, they were also invited to the famous television show Rumpi No Secret Trans TV and looked very compact.

3. Menalak Nadya a month after marriage

Nadya and Rizki DA’s happy marriage seemed to only last a month, because Rizki DA gave Nadya Mustika a divorce in August 2020. At that time, it was still unclear what caused the rapid divorce, even though Nadya was reportedly pregnant.

Nadya and Rizki have also deleted their wedding and intimate photos on their respective Instagram accounts, even Nadya doesn’t seem to be wearing a wedding ring. Suddenly a lot of gossip circulating, starting from the separation of the house, until Nadya’s pregnancy occurred before marriage. But are these rumors true?

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