Denied Having Sex, A High School Student in NTT Takes His Aunt’s Life to Do This Shocking Thing

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– A high school student in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) had the heart to kill his aunt because he was refused to have sex.

The suspect in the murder case is YYF (19), a class XII high school student in Malacca Regency, NTT.

YYF had the heart to kill MRL alias BL (49), who was none other than his own biological aunt.

Launching from, the murder case was discovered after the police found MRL’s body on the edge of the Sadan checkdam, Srin Hamlet, Raisamane Village, Rinhat District, Malacca, on Friday (2/7/202) afternoon.

The murder case began when the YYF perpetrator came to the MRL victim’s house on Friday (2/7/2021), at 09.00 WITA.

Because they couldn’t find MRL at home, YYF asked his mother about the whereabouts of the victim.

The mother also told YYF that MRL was picking betel in the garden.

YYF then went straight to the garden which is only 1 km from the house.

Arriving at the garden, YYF, who did not find the MRL, decided to go home by way of the checkdam (water embankment).

According to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Malacca Police, Iptu Jamari, when YYF passed by the checkdam, when YYF saw MRL washing his hands, he had the intention to rape her.

“Seeing his aunt, the perpetrator had an intention to have sex with the victim, so the perpetrator approached him,” said Jamari, quoted by Grid.ID from, Monday (12/7/2021).

Even MRL, who rejected the nephew’s bad intentions, was persecuted by YYF.

YYF, annoyed that his request was rejected, immediately threw a stone and hit MRL’s lower eyelid until it hurt and bled.

Not until, to prevent MRL from screaming, YYF then took wood and stabbed the victim to death on the spot.

Sadly, after committing the murder of his aunt, YYF calmly returned home.

He then told his mother that he had found his aunt dead in the checkdam.

The murder case was then reported to the Malacca Police Headquarters and immediately investigated by the police.

Quoting from, on Sunday (11/7/2021), the police were finally able to uncover and arrest the perpetrators of YYF, who is none other than the victim’s nephew.

As a result of this incident, YYF was subject to Article 338 Subs Article 351 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code with the threat of imprisonment for 15 years.


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