Dede skipper counter was killed by a same-sex couple because he often paid less, his wife was 9 months pregnant

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TANGGAMUS – The sadistic murder of a cellphone counter boss in Tanggamus, Lampung, has finally been revealed.

Dede Saputra (32) who was found dead wrapped in plastic with dozens of stab wounds is said to be a victim with the motive of having same-sex sex.

Dede’s body was found in Pagar Distance Hamlet, Pekon Tiuh Memon, Pugung District, Tanggamus Regency some time ago.

The Head of the Crime Investigation Unit of the Tanggamus Police, First Inspector Ramon Zamora, said that there were two suspects.

Namely BM alias Alan (21) a resident of Talang Padang and SA (33) a resident of Kedondong, Pesawaran.

“As a result of knowing the identity of the victim, we can identify one perpetrator with the initials SA in Pesawaran,” said Ramon, Thursday (15/7/2021).

“Immediately an arrest is made, then the next perpetrator can be arrested, BM,” he added.

Ramon said the murder case began with planning last Saturday (9/7). It begins with BM’s story to SA about planning the murder of Dede Saputra, an entrepreneur in Pekon Gisting Bawah, Gisting District.

Then BM picked up SA at Pesawaran and was told to wait at Pekon Banjar Agung Udik in the community garden.

Then BM picked up victim Dede Saputra to his counter at Gisting. Then both of them to the location that has been determined.

“In that place, the suspect BM had a relationship with the victim, this relationship was a same-sex relationship (male),” said Ramon.

According to Ramon, the victim and BM have a similar relationship and have often had sex.

Therefore, the two at the scene of the murder were in contact. Only then was the murder committed.

“After that, because there was a plan for the murder, the murder was carried out.”

“The suspect BM stabbed the victim in the chest and the suspect SA hit him with a rock,” said Ramon.

He added that the victim’s body had 24 stab wounds and blunt object wounds to the head.

After the victim is confirmed dead, then wrapped in white plastic taken from the Talang Padang Market.

Furthermore, after the victim was wrapped, he was transported by motorbike. The motor used is the victim’s own motorbike. There is also a motorcycle perpetrator. So the two perpetrators each ended up taking a motorbike.

Then, the victim’s body was dumped in Pagar Distance Hamlet, Pekon Tiuh Memon. After that the victim’s belongings were taken by the two perpetrators.

BM is in charge of disposing of clothes and carrying cellphones, victim’s bags. And SA brought the victim’s motorbike.

“After the victim’s belongings were brought and shared, both of them went home,” said Ramon.

He said the two suspects were angry with the victim. That’s what underlies the suspects to kill the victim.

The victim promised to give Rp 700 thousand but only gave Rp 300 thousand before the incident.

“For evidence, we secured the victim’s motorbike which was found on the side of the road in Natar. Then plastic was used to wrap the victim’s body,” said Ramon.

The results of the investigation, and the statements of the suspects, are in fact the relationship between the suspects and the victim, all of which are of the same sex.

For BM and Dede, it is a relationship like lovers that have existed since 2020. While for SA, it is Dede’s previous lover.

From BM’s confession, he was annoyed with the victim because he always broke his promise. When they have sex, BM is always given money, but not according to the agreement.

“I’m annoyed with him because it is not in accordance with the agreement,” said BM at the Tanggamus Police Headquarters.

He admitted that in their relationship, it was likened to BM as a man and the victim as a woman.

He admitted to having intercourse once a day on average and mostly at the victim’s counter.

9 Months Pregnant Wife

Victim Dede left a wife he married in October 2020 and is now eight months pregnant.

The family hopes that the case of Dede’s body, which has shocked residents in Tanggamus, Lampung, because it was found wrapped in plastic, will soon be revealed.

According to Amriadi, Dede’s older brother, the family did not expect the disaster to occur. Because previously there was no foreboding and no signs.

“We hope it will be revealed quickly. If so far there has been no inkling,” said Amriadi.

He admitted that Dede had been living with his wife and in-laws in Pekon Tegal Binangun, Sumber Rejo District.

For his daily activities, Dede opens the Dede Cell cell phone counter in Gisting, and teaches at a school in Pekon Tegal Binangun, with his wife.

And before the incident, on Sunday (6/7) night he came home from the counter at around 22.30 WIB, then the plan was to stay at his parents’ house in Pekon Sukarame, Talang Padang District.

However, Dede never arrived at his parents’ house, possibly not staying overnight. Until finally there was news from the police that there was a dead body and suspected Dede.

Amriadi admitted that Dede’s missing items included a motorcycle, cell phone and a small bag, possibly containing money and identity cards.

“No counter items were lost, only the items they brought with them,” said Amriadi.

He admitted that Dede’s behavior was quiet, relentless and from a young age he had never fought. In the past he was robbed in Pesawaran and all the goods were handed over.

“As far as we know, there are no enemies, because people are submissive, but they don’t know this either,” said Amriadi. (Tri Yulianto)


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