Julid’s Neighbor!! Marriage Reported to Satpol PP, the fact even makes netizens angry

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The world of social media was once again enlivened with the outpouring of a citizen who was getting married, reported by his own neighbors to the Satpol PP.

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As a result, the house of the bride and groom was actually visited by Satpol PP officers. However, netizens were furious with the behavior of the ‘julid’ neighbor, because the wedding was only attended by 10 people.

The incident went viral through a viral upload on the @miamakeup5 account, the owner of the account shared that his client was forced to cancel the reception because the PPKM was in effect.

“So my bride is 80 percent ready, everything from vendors, buildings, etc.,” he wrote in the video.

“D-7 there are PPKM, all of which have to be canceled. Even though everything has been DP.”

Even though the reception was canceled, the couple decided to continue holding the ceremony. The wedding ceremony itself only invited 10 people.

“So there can only be a contract and there are only 10 people. That also has to be hide-and-seek with the Satpol PP and the police.”

The ceremony initially went smoothly. However, this couple was reported by neighbors even though they only invited 10 people and did not hold a reception.

Even so, the @miamakeup5 account explained that the bride and groom did the Ijab at 7 and all the guests had left at 9 am. In addition, health protocols are also carried out strictly.

“After the consent, there were neighbors who reported that there was a wedding ceremony. Even though there were only 10 people and all of them had gone home,” he added.

Suddenly, the upload immediately received various comments from citizens.

“Maybe because they weren’t invited and they didn’t eat for free,” commented the netizen.

“Maybe the neighbors aren’t married yet, it’s hot.”

“The good thing is, what are the neighbors doing, taking care of the lives of the mulu.”

Meanwhile, there are also those who think that the neighbors just want to obey the rules.

“The neighbors are so stupid, duh,” wrote one comment that has been liked up to 7.8 thousand times.


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