Sadistic Motorcycle Gang Who Stabs Residents to Death in Bekasi Arrested, 1 Perpetrator Shot by Police

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The sadistic gangster in Bekasi was arrested by the police. ©Special

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BEKASI – Police arrested two perpetrators of the robbery with the victim of a resident at a coffee shop aka warkop in the area of ​​Jalan Raya Jati Kramat, Jati Asih, Bekasi, Tuesday (13/7) at dawn. The perpetrator of the stabbing is a motorcycle gang group named Brutal.

“The perpetrators are a group of motorcycle gangs who usually call themselves the gang, the brutal gang. There are seven perpetrators that we have arrested now, there are two main perpetrators themselves,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus during a press conference at the Metro Police Headquarters. Jaya, Jakarta, Friday (16/7).

In addition to the two motorcycle gang perpetrators with the initials MS and S, the police also arrested one perpetrator as a booty collector with the initials D. Meanwhile, five members of the motorcycle gang are still wanted by the police.

“So there are three suspects that we have detained and those who are still at large, but we have their identities already pocketed, are the ones who carried out the robbery,” said Yusri.

He explained the chronology of the slashing. The incident occurred when a group of seven motorcycle gangs on three motorbikes came to a warkop in Jati Asih, Bekasi.

When they arrived in front of the warkop, two motorcycle gang members armed with sickles immediately threatened a customer who was drinking coffee to hand over his valuables. In addition to threatening, the charity box in the warkop did not escape being attacked by motorcycle gangs.

“The two people who entered immediately took a charity box belonging to or in the shop which contained around Rp800 thousand. Then there was a victim who was drinking coffee, the perpetrators tried to seize the victim’s belongings in the form of a cellphone,” said Yusri.

Even though he had fought back by shouting for help, the victim was instead stabbed with a sickle by the perpetrator S. The victim died as a result of the attack.

“Without waiting, brother S brought a sickle into the victim’s chest, until it was deep enough. As a result, the victim died after being taken to the hospital. The two perpetrators then took the victim’s cellphone,” he said.

“Then the cellphone was sold to brother D (the custodian) who is currently being secured, who was sold for Rp. 1 million but only received Rp. 500 thousand,” he added.

The robbery went viral on social media. The police immediately investigated and secured D as a middleman during the day. From perpetrator D, the police arrested MS, the perpetrator who joined the warkop.

“The next day (14 July) brother S, the main perpetrator who stabbed the victim, was arrested at his home in Pondok Gede. Brother MS is in Jati Bening, and Brother D is arrested in East Jakarta, Pasar Kramat area,” he explained.

However, because MS and S had put up a fight when they were about to be arrested, the officers took decisive action by shooting the perpetrator in the leg to paralyze his resistance.

“Yes, at the time (MS and S), because we carried out an ambush at his house, we found something on the other street, with measurable firm action, we paralyzed these perpetrators,” he explained.

As for the motive, Yusri revealed the reason these brutal motorcycle gangs committed the robbery. Because I want to get money to promote a liquor party (alcohol) that has previously been done

“From the results of the initial examination, all of them were in a state of drunkenness, so they had courage. And the reason for doing this was to find money to continue again and the proceeds from this sale were used to buy alcohol,” he explained.

For their actions, the three perpetrators will be charged with Article 365 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 480 of the Criminal Code which carries a threat of 9 years and or 15 years in prison, because the victim dies.


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