6 Facts about Rezky Aditya and Citra Kirana’s Marriage, Are on the Edge of the Horn?

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The faces of Rezky Aditya and Citra Kirana seem to have adorned your days through various Indonesian soap opera titles. Both Rezky and Citra have starred in dozens of soap operas, from the 2000s to the present. Well, did you know that they both got married in 2019? Surely you know, because at that time it was really viral when they got married without dating!

Recently, Rezky was sued to admit his biological child from a relationship outside of marriage with another woman with the initials W. How come? Let’s explore more deeply through the following 6 facts about Rezky Aditya and Citra Kirana’s marriage.

1. Have Played in the Same Soap opera

The world of Indonesian soap operas has a lot of famous domestic stars, such as Nikita Willy, Chelsea Olivia, Nia Ramadhani, Raffi Ahmad, or Agnez Mo. This includes Citra Kirana and Rezky Aditya who are very frequent pop up in various Indonesian soap opera titles. And it turns out that if one artist’s ‘pair’ has been paired up in a soap opera and the soap opera is successful, usually they will be paired up again in another soap opera. This also happened to Rezky and Citra, who had competed in acting in the same soap opera titles. Is there any title?

The first was a soap opera that had hits in 2010 entitled “Putri ditukar”. The soap opera tells the story of Amira, played by Nikita Willy, and Zahira, played by Yasmine Wildblood, who were replaced by a man named Vishnu, played by Yadi Timo. So it matches the title, the princess who was exchanged.

In the soap opera, Rezky becomes a rich young man named Rizky and Citra Kirana becomes Meisya, the son of Erlanda and Malena. In addition to the soap opera “The Diverted Princess”, Rezky and Citra also competed in roles through the latest soap opera entitled “Beloved Wife” which aired in 2020. Have you ever watched these 2 soap operas?

2. Citra and Rezky 9 Years Age Difference

Currently Citra Kirana is 25 years old, while Rezky Aditya is 34 years old, so there is a gap of 9 years between them. But that is not a barrier to building a harmonious household ark. In Ciky Citra Rezky’s YouTube channel, they reminisce about the moment when they met for the first time. Rezky said, “We worked together about 9-10 years ago. He’s a kid, I’m an adult.”

“Age is also not a benchmark for adults or not. Just complement each other. There is a spoiled side of me, sometimes there is a spoiled side of him. I also never thought, it was God’s destiny that everything was truly given confidence, there was no doubt. Everything was launched,” said Citra Kirana, who didn’t mind the age gap of 9 years and initially didn’t expect to become Rezky Aditya’s wife. May it last until the end of life, Ciki and Rezky!

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