It’s Cool To Be Enjoyed in the Rice Fields, Eh Even The Police Are Discovered Many Condoms Are Scattered

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Not knowing the place, a non-husband couple was caught by the police while playing indecent acts in a rice field.

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The police managed to secure two women commercial sex workers (PSK) and three men masher in the rice field area.

They are known to be having sex in a rice field location, which is located on the border of Bendosari and Sukoharjo Kota sub-districts.

Meanwhile, the others were in disarray when officers arrived at the location. The Head of the Bendosari Police, Iptu Liyan Prasetyo, said that the operation for community disease was carried out in accordance with the many reports related to locations that were often used as places of sexual intercourse.

One of them is a location in a rice field area which is not far from the Ir Soekarno Sukoharjo Hospital. The officers then carried out reconnaissance and visited the location recently.

“When we arrived at the location there were several couples who were alone together. Some are on motorbikes. We also found condoms there,” he said, quoted from – network, Friday (6/18/2021).

Some of these couples immediately went topsy-turvy when they found out that officers had arrived at the location. However, some were caught by the police. At least two women and three men were arrested.

The officers then collected data on them. As a result, the two women work as prostitutes. Meanwhile, the three men who were arrested were customers and all of them were not residents of Sukoharjo.

“They are all residents outside Sukoharjo such as Karanganyar, Solo and Wonogiri,” he said.

He said the location of the rice field area is often used as a place for sexual intercourse. Besides the location is quiet, it is also pitch black. Thus, the Sukoharjo rice field area is widely used by unofficial couples to be alone. As a precautionary measure the location is used for sexual intercourse, the police continue to patrol the area.



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