Sadistic!! Man Found Dead Body Bound Put In Sack, Here’s Neighbor’s Testimony

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ACEH- The discovery of a man’s body in a sack tied to a bridge in Jeungki Village, East Peureulak District, East Aceh, which is suspected of being a murder victim, has finally been revealed.

Deputy Chief of Police Commissioner Chairul Ikhsan in East Aceh, Friday, said the victim was Ridhwan (53), a resident of Sungai Pauh Village, West Langsa District, Langsa City.

“The identity of the victim was revealed based on information from residents where the characteristics on the victim’s body were similar to Ridhwan,” said Commissioner Chairul Ikhsan, quoted from Antara.

Commissioner Chairul Ikhsan said after obtaining the victim’s identity the Opsnal Team together with the East Aceh Police Satreskrim Identification Unit went to the victim’s house to confirm the information obtained in the field.

“Arriving at the victim’s house, information was obtained from neighbors that Ridhwan had not been seen at his house for several days,” said the Deputy Chief of Police.

Then, the team coordinated with the local police station and the Langsa Police Identification Unit as well as community leaders to conduct a house search to ensure Ridhwan’s condition. When he entered, he found bloodstains on the floor.

Furthermore, the East Aceh Police Identification Unit and the Langsa Police Identification Unit conducted a combined crime scene (TKP) at Ridhwan’s house.

From the results of the crime scene, blood was found on the floor and the victim’s bed. The house is empty, the side door is not locked. The CCTV camera at the house is dead, the server is uncovered and the CCTV hard drive is missing, allegedly by the perpetrators.

No wallet or identity was found, but a cell phone allegedly belonging to the victim was on the table. In addition, the victim’s motorbike was also absent. However, a white nylon rope was found, identical to the rope used to bind Ridhwan’s body.

“This case is handled by the Langsa Police Satreskrim. However, we from the East Aceh Police will still assist in the investigation so that the perpetrators are revealed.” said Commissioner Chairul Ikhsan.


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