Sadistic!! Motorcycle Gang in Cirebon Stabs Victims to Translucent to Lungs

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CIREBON – Sadistically, nine members of a motorcycle gang ganged up and stabbed a man in Cirebon Regency, Wednesday (21/7/2021). The victim suffered a stab wound to the chest that penetrated the lungs and cut off three knuckles. The victim, Deden Zakaria, a resident of Beringin Village, Ciwaringin District, Cirebon Regency, is now in critical condition and must receive medical treatment at the Sumberwaras Hospital.

The stabbing case against Deden, who is also known to be a member of a motorcycle gang, began when the victim passed through the Arjawinangun area and met dozens of other groups. After that, there was a chase between them until the victim fell. At that time, the victim was immediately beaten up and slashed with a sharp weapon. After the incident occurred, members of the Cirebon Police Satreskrim immediately arrested nine people namely AR, AS, MY, AH and five people who were still minors. The police also secured a number of evidences, such as the victim’s clothes, a knife and the perpetrator’s motorbike.

“The two motorcycle gangs often clashed. At the time of the incident, one of the suspects slashed the victim with a sickle in the chest. In addition, three of the victim’s fingers were severed,” said Cirebon Police Criminal Investigation Unit Chief Commissioner Rina Perwitasari.

While the other suspects only beat the victim. As a result of this incident, the perpetrators were charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code regarding beatings, with a maximum threat of nine years in prison.



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