C4ntik-beautiful selling coffee, apparently also selling ‘MILK’

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If you pass on Jalan Bung Tomo, Denpasar at night, you will see many coffee traders along the road. However, there is something different about the sellers. The roadside coffee sellers were all women and dressed sensibly. Investigating a calibaration, it turns out that they are Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) who disguise themselves as Dakocan (beautiful coffee traders). Scenes like that every day exist in the region.

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However, the clever actions of the dakocan were detected by the Denpasar City Satpol PP. Officers then conducted a raid and managed to secure eight women without identity in the raid that was held on Monday (10/26/2020).

Head of Denpasar City Police, Dewa Sayoga, said that several locations in Jalan Bung Tomo, West Denpasar were often used as hidden prostitution areas. “From community reports, this location on Jalan (Bung Tomo) is often used as a location for prostitution,” he said.

According to him, the mode of para prostitute it’s quite clever, like pretending to peddle coffee, so there are also prostitutes who pretend to hang out in small stalls. This was conveyed by the Head of the Denpasar City Police,

“Their mode is as Dakocan (canti coffee trade). But there are also those who hang out in stalls around Jalan Bung Tomo, West Denpasar as well. That’s their mode of operation that we found,” said Sayoga.

From the confession of prostitute. Sayoga continued, those who were caught in the raid, they served philandering men every day at a very low rate.

“Those who set a price of Rp. 200,000 have not yet had time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and were caught in a raid,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prostitute Those who were caught were aged around 20 to 30 years with minimal identity. “From the identity check according to the KTP, the age ranges from 21 years to 32 years. But most of them do not have ID cards. That’s why it’s sorted out,” he said.



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