6 Facts about Gracia Indri, Now Living in the Netherlands!

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The figure of Gracia Indri seems to be very familiar in the eyes of Indonesian netizens. Because he often pop up on the television screen through various famous soap opera titles such as “Panji Man Millennium” and “Bidadari”. Then did you know that Gracia Indri now lives in the Netherlands? This time we will discuss 6 facts about the beautiful artist Gracia Indri. Any facts? Check out the first list below!

1. Famous Indonesian Antagonist

Gracia Indria Sari Sulistyaningrum or familiarly called Gracia Indri was born in Pasuruan, January 14, 1990 and is currently 31 years old. She is a celebrity as well as an actress who often plays antagonistic characters in various famous Indonesian soap operas. She has entered the world of playing roles since 1999 through the soap operas “Ajaib Anak” and “Panji Man Millennium” and is believed to play the character Jessica in the soap operas “Bidadari 2” and “Bidadari 3”.

Since then, Gracia has starred in various Indonesian films and soap operas and often plays antagonistic characters. Some of the films he has starred in include “Kliwon Friday Night” and “Coblos Cinta”. Meanwhile, he has starred in more than 20 soap opera titles such as “Kesucian Cinta”, “Kickan Si Madun Returns”, and “Centini”.

Meanwhile, Gracia Indri is also often the star of advertisements for famous products and also presenter on various popular television shows. Even though his image as an ‘evil’ person in soap operas is very attached, his true nature is on the contrary, very good. He often does charity work in the event of a natural disaster, such as during the 2018 earthquake in Donggala and Palu. In fact, he is willing to take a leave of absence from college to pay for the education of his sister, Gisela Cindy.

2. The cost of his younger brother’s education to go abroad

Who has heard the name of Gracia’s sister, Gisela Cindy? Yes, Gisela is following in her brother’s footsteps by playing antagonistic characters in various well-known soap operas such as “Tangisan Anak Tiri”, “Tuyul and Mbak Yul”, “Moon and Stars”, and “Bidadari 3”. Gisela Cindy also plunged into the world of singing with the band Candy. As we explained in the previous fact, if Gracia Indri is willing to take a leave of absence from college to pay for Gisela Indri’s education, what is the story?

Around 2013, Gracia Indri reported to the media that she decided to leave Moestopo University Jakarta as a student majoring in Public Relation semester 5 because he focused on financing Gisela Cindy’s school in Canada. Gracia admitted that if there was time and opportunity, she wanted to continue her studies until she finished. He said, “College, I took leave during the fifth semester. Now focus on finding money first for my sister’s school in Canada. I want to do it as soon as possible. The actual target from yesterday should have been passed. Hopefully next year”

Until finally in 2018, Gisela Cindy managed to graduate from 3 prestigious schools and campuses in Canada, namely obtaining an education Business Accounting at Humber College in 2013-2014, Diploma Film Production at Vancouver Film School 2014-2015, and Diploma Fashion Design & Production at Vancouver Community College in 2015-2018. Currently, Gisela Cindy works at Steve Madden’s company as a store manager. Gracia Indri’s struggle to finance Gisela Cindy’s education has really paid off. This brother’s struggle is extraordinary!

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