6 Facts about DJ Tessa Morena, Creator of “Vision Spree Mission Spree”!

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Who has watched TikTok content about vision spree mission spree? Or maybe you’ve created TikTok content using that audio? If so, then you probably already know that it was DJ Tessa Morena who created the trend! Even his TikTok video went viral. Who the hell is Tessa Morena? Let’s discuss more through 8 facts about DJ Tessa Morena below!

1. Original Surabaya

Leony Thessalonica or better known as Tessa Morena was born in Surabaya on August 12, 1996. She is currently 25 years old. On various occasions, Tessa Morena said that she really idolized the Persebaya football group from Surabaya, so she named herself Bonita alias Bonek Wanita. For your information, Bonek is a nickname for Persebaya fans.

Meanwhile, Tessa admits that she likes to watch Persebaya football matches live at the stadium, you know! Maybe if you also like watching Persebaya matches at the stadium, could you be on the same podium with Tessa Morena, or maybe you have passed her?

2. Had Become SPG

It turns out that before entering the world of DJ Tessa Morena worked as an SPG or Sales Promotion Girl you know! Although the company’s name has not yet been revealed, he has admitted on several occasions that he is a former SPG. Meanwhile, from the observations of netizens on Twitter, it seems that DJ Tessa Morena is a former SPG Ramayana, department store famous in Indonesia. The netizen said that his voice reminded him of shopping there. Do you agree?

3. Entering the DJ World Since 2017

In the next fact, it turns out that Tessa Morena started to pursue the world of DJing since 2017, when she was around 21 years old. He started learning DJing through special classes, then made his debut in small cafes in Surabaya. Dissatisfied, Tessa expanded her career by DJing in famous nightclubs. Until finally Tessa Morena succeeded in becoming a permanent DJ player at Escobar Night Club Surabaya. Are you interested in seeing DJ Tessa Morena perform?

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