Make Painful! Men ‘Enter’ into Motorcycles to Drive Wearing Gloves

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The type of clothing when riding a motorcycle cannot be underestimated. Moreover, using dangling materials, can be potentially harmful.

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A video circulated on social media, one of which was uploaded via the @fact.indo instagram account. Seen a young man with a gloved wedged between the fenders and tires of this motorcycle. Meanwhile, several residents were seen helping to evacuate the gloved motorbike.

This incident provoked a response from netizens, many of whom suspected that the driver was caught between the fender and tire due to the dangling holster.

The scabbard got stuck it seems, so he dragged it backwards and got stuck there,” commented desht***

The scabbard is stuck, then you pull it, what’s going on?,” commented p***

“The sheath is twisted,” write @met***

Responding to the incident, Rifat Drive Labs Driving Safety Instructor Erreza Hardian explained that devices attached to the body of both the driver and passenger are advised not to hang. It is a dangerous risk to wear for the wearer if part of his clothes is caught in the motorcycle chain.

“It’s better not to use it, because yes, it has happened, there is evidence of the risk of a dangling glove with a motor vehicle running, it can be at risk of being entangled because some components of the motor vehicle are open so we can identify the dangers,” said Reza when contacted by, Wednesday (4/04). 8/2021).

“Why do I say it’s better, because there is no law that stipulates not to wear a sarong, if there is a legal basis then I say the driver in the example above is wrong,” he added.

Reza explained that the cause of the accident was divided into three factors, namely humans, vehicles, and the environment. Wearing loose clothing can increase the risk of an accident.

“The road environment seems to be on an asphalt road area, but that’s how it is, in the lowlands, of course, there is a strong wind factor, then the asphalt road makes the riders go a little faster,” said Reza in response to the video of the gloved motorbike being stuck.

“Then the vehicle, which happened to have a motorcycle with a chain, seen many moving parts and the axle was very exposed. We have discussed two causes of accidents and we can conclude that the risk increases,” said Reza.

“Unfortunately, coupled with the driver who was wearing a holster, the three components of this accident occurred,” he explained.


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