Laugh out loud! The World’s Most Brave Beg4l Stops T3nt4ra Filled Trucks

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The act of robbery is indeed rife in several areas in Indonesia. Inevitably, many truck drivers complained about the robbery.

Begals are not indiscriminate in carrying out their actions. Starting from trucks, buses, and cars can be targets.

But what if a truck containing soldiers is stopped by a robber, as seen in this one video.

In a viral video on social media uploaded by the Instagram account @fact.indo, it looks like a beggar is carrying out an action that actually makes you laugh.

When a row of vehicles was about to be stopped, the robbers fiercely tried to scare the driver.

He looked like he was carrying a stick that was used to scare road users who passed there.

Some road users were afraid and chose to turn around.

When the robber stomped the stick he was carrying as a sign for the truck driver to stop, he was surprised to see the contents of the cabin.

The truck that was about to be stopped turned out to be filled with soldiers in distinctive striped trousers.

Seeing this, the robbers did not carry out their actions. Instead, he ran quickly to a hiding place on the side of the road.

Soldiers in the truck tried to catch up to the runaway robbers.

Not only one person, fellow soldiers who were in the cabin also took part in the pursuit of the robber.

After being investigated, this video was first circulated at the end of 2018, in the other country, the Philippines.

This action went viral on social media, and netizens immediately flooded the comments column on the upload.

“Njirr TNI’s car was robbed, the game was great,” wrote @___fauzan***.

“Get closer to God via broken bones,” explained @immangmet ***.

“This is what is called an indiscriminate thug,” said @khaisarp ***.


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