EMOTION !!! ASKED when did you get married, and finally his girlfriend was battered

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Because of the promise to marry, a woman in Makassar, South Sulawesi, with the initials P, was beaten badly by her boyfriend.

It is known that the culprit is a 21-year-old youth named Yusri.

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Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Makassar Police, Kompol Jamal Fathur Rakhman confirmed this case.

He said Yusri had been detained by the police.

Jamal said that the motive for the persecution was based on Yusri’s frustration, who was often billed for marriage by P.

Yusri was adamant that he was reluctant to marry his girlfriend because he thought P was involved in an online prostitution ring.

“So between the victim (F) and the reported (Yusri) or the suspect, this is a couple who are dating,” said Commissioner Jamal, confirmed by Tribun-Timur.com via WhatsApp connection, Thursday (5/8/2021) night.

“However, the reported party accused the victim of being one of the women who had intercourse with another person or BO, online prostitution,” he continued.

Yusri’s unilateral accusation, continued Kompol Jamal, made P angry.

P also goes to Yusri and asks for a promise to marry him.

Their meeting did not go well.

Yusri and P even got into an argument that ended in violence.

“Victim (P) did not accept (Yusri’s accusation) and wanted to get married, so an argument broke out. In the end, the suspect was tortured,” said the former Panakkukang police chief.

In addition to securing Yusri, the police have also secured evidence in the form of post-mortem results after being mistreated.

“The first evidence that was confiscated must be the post-mortem and witness statements and there are other pieces of evidence that were secured by investigators,” said Jamal.

As a result of his actions, Yusri is now in the detention cell of the Makassar Police Criminal Investigation Unit.


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