8 Facts about the Death of a Famous Paranormal Mbak You! – 1NEWS

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Who still remembers the famous psychic named Mbak You? Yes, he has predicted many controversial events that will occur in Indonesia such as plane crashes, natural disasters, artist scandals, and others. Reportedly, Mbak You passed away in early July 2021 ago! What are the full facts? Let’s directly discuss in more detail below.

1. Died at 47 years old

Juwariyah Johana alias Mbak You died at the age of 47 years. During her lifetime, Mbak You was famous for her controversial predictions. Some of them are about plane crashes in Indonesia, Jokowi’s fall, and natural disasters in Indonesia.

Even Mbak You also predicts that there are several artists who are caught in drugs, surprising netizens. “In 2019 there were a lot of wows, because people didn’t think that person was using drugs,” said Mbak You. It turned out that in that year, Nunung was caught using drugs with her husband.

2. Experience Shortness of Breath

Mbak You passed away on Thursday, July 1, 2021. Before she died, the 47-year-old woman had experienced shortness of breath the night before her death. One of Mbak You’s team, Adi, became an eye witness to the incident. Adi wrote in a WhatsApp message, “Dead, Euis Juwariyah (Mbak You) today, Thursday, July 1, 2021, Ba’da Dzuhur earlier. Mbak you had experienced shortness of breath since last night.”

3. Died on the way to the hospital

In addition to informing that Mbak You had experienced shortness of breath at night, Adi also said that Mbak You had to be rushed to the hospital because her shortness of breath did not subside, and even got worse. Finally, Mbak You was immediately taken to the nearest hospital from her home, namely Premier Bintaro. But in the middle of the journey, Mbak You’s life was no longer saved.

“While on the way to Premier Bintaro Hospital, the deceased’s condition was beyond help,” Adi concluded via WhatsApp message.

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