Astagfirullah! One Minute Between Life and Death, Seconds Truck Driver Plunge into the Sea

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Dedi Susanto, a resident of Lampung, only has 1 minute to save himself from death at Pier 7 of Merak Port, Banten, Friday, August 13, 2021.

Dedi Susanto had to fight as hard as he could within 1 minute, when the truck he was driving sank in the sea around Pier 7, Banten Merak Harbor.

Fortunately, Dedi Susanto, assisted by residents around Pier 7, Merak Banten Port, was able to escape death, now he is in shock at the Merak KSKP Office.

Dedi Susanto is the driver of a truck loaded with animal feed that plunged into the sea at Pier 7 of Merak Port, Banten, Friday, August 13, 2021, at around 12.10 WIB.

This incident occurred when the gas pedal of the truck carrying 22 tons of animal feed was damaged, sending the truck out of control and plunged into the sea.

Head of the Merak KSKP AKP Deden Komarudin said this started when Dedi Susanto the driver the truck starts the starter.

This is when the car he is driving will enter KMP Virgo 18 at Pier 7, Banten Merak Harbor at around 12.10 WIB.

“When the truck driven by the driver It’s your turn to enter the ship, the car’s ignition key is turned on,” he said.

Then, said Deden, Dedi Susanto stepped on the gas pedal while stepping on the comp and moving the gear lever from neutral to 1st gear.

However, when the truck’s gas pedal was damaged, the pedal did not return to its normal position so the gas continued to roar.

“In 1st gear, the vehicle’s gas continues to roar because the pedal does not return. The pedal is ‘sticky’, if you imitate the driver’s sentence,” he said.

Due to the 1st gear position and the gas roaring, the truck drove out of control, even though the vehicle should have turned right towards the moveable bridge or MB Pier 7 Merak Port, Banten.

Dedi Susanto panicked, he pulled the handbrake lever and stepped on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle.

“So the driver has pulled the handbrake lever and at the same time stepped on the brake pedal. There are tire marks, quite long, about 5 meters,” he said.

Unfortunately, the truck’s power is too strong to be stopped by the handbrake and footbrake, in addition because the truck is in the dock area where the pier floor is made of concrete.

It kept the truck moving in a straight line, hitting the motorbike belonging to one of the truck operators and plunging into the sea.

“Because it was not restrained, the truck plunged into the sea,” he said.

When entering the sea, the truck cabin is closed, the driver’s door glass even if it is not open.

Because of that, driver could not get out to save themselves, within 1 minute the truck immediately sank.

The cabin was already full of water, Dedi Susanto drowned along with the truck he was driving at that time.

Feeling his life was threatened, Dedi Susanto with all his strength kicked the truck door glass, he kicked many times but the glass did not break.

Increasingly afraid of losing his life, Dedi Susanto hit and kicked the same glass, until in the end the glass broke.

General Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry Merak Branch Hasan Lessy said the truck and driver will get help from Jasa Raharja.

“Because he is listed as a passenger on a ship based on the ticket he paid for, the victim will get insurance from Jasa Raharja,” he said.***


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