A young man in BATAM, has an illicit relationship with his cousin. .

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A young man in Batam with the initials JY (21) now has to languish behind bars.

He was policed ​​for a criminal case of sexual abuse of a minor.

The perpetrator has now been arrested by the police and named a suspect by the Barelang Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

“We picked up the perpetrator from his house last Thursday,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Barelang Police, Commissioner Andri Kurniawan, Friday (6/8/2021).

The perpetrator’s depraved actions were vented to the victim Bunga (pseudonym).

The victim is 15 years old and still has a family relationship with the perpetrator.

“Yes, according to the suspect’s confession, there are still family ties to the victim,” he said.

He explained that the incident began when the perpetrator and the victim and the victim’s sister were playing with their cellphones in the family room.

Then the perpetrator and the victim went to the kitchen. Because he didn’t come out of the kitchen for too long, the victim’s sister approached and saw the perpetrator and the victim having sex.

“The victim’s sister told her father. Her father again confirmed this to the victim and it turned out to be true,” said Andri.

From Bunga’s confession, the perpetrator and the victim had had an illicit relationship once. The victim has also been molested by the perpetrator twice.

Meanwhile, from the observations of the Batam Tribune in the Barelang Police Criminal Investigation Unit, the suspect who was wearing an orange shirt looked downcast and reluctant to lift his head.


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