Fantastic! Messi’s Jersey at PSG Sold Rp 400 Billion In Just 7 Minutes

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PSG fans flocked to the sales outlets for Lionel Messi’s jersey number 30. Paris Saint-Germain immediately made a fantastic profit in a short time since the arrival of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi’s jersey sold for IDR 400 billion in just 7 minutes.

Lionel Messi did come on a free transfer, but PSG had to pay a salary of 35 million euros or around Rp. 509 billion per season to Lionel Messi.

However, French media, L’Equipe, actually reported that Messi was paid up to IDR 40 million euros or around IDR 680 billion. If true, then La Pulga is the highest paid player in the world.

However, the fantastic expenditure seemed to be immediately covered by the sale of Messi’s PSG jersey which was selling well. 150,000 Messi jerseys were sold in just 7 minutes.

The profit in 7 minutes alone is estimated at 23.7 million euros or around Rp. 400 billion. Unfortunately, the money was not immediately received by PSG.

The sale of Messi’s jersey went to Nike first, who then paid PSG 80 million euros per year under the deal.

However, PSG will reportedly re-discuss this deal with Nike after Lionel Messi joins Les Parisiens.


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