The savage grandfather in Jember has the heart to fuck his own child who has a stroke

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SK, a 65-year-old grandfather, a resident of Dusun Krajan, Sumberejo Village, Ambulu District, Jember, East Java, had the heart to rape his own biological child. When raped, the child was suffering from a stroke.

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The Ambulu Police Chief, AKP Sugeng Piyanto, said the victim was SM (39), who had been a widow for 5 years. Since 6 months ago, the victim suffered from a severe stroke, so he could not carry out daily activities.

Seeing this condition, the grandfather as a parent offered to live with him in his house, which was still in the same village. Without suspicion, the suspect’s offer was immediately accepted by the victim and her children.

Unfortunately, instead of receiving protection, SM, who can’t move his limbs, became the target of his own father’s rape.

“The suspect entered the victim’s room, arguing that he massaged the victim’s body. During the massage, the suspect’s desire arose, which in turn had sex with his biological child,” said Sugeng.
In fact, the lecherous grandfather had even raped twice, which eventually caused the victim to be traumatized.

The second occurred on Monday, July 22, 2021 at around 14.00 WIB. The suspect again launched the same mode. The lecherous grandfather suddenly entered the victim’s room who was alone. He offered to massage the victim’s body. SM immediately refused.

“Because the victim refused to be massaged, the suspect immediately closed the door to the victim’s room. The suspect forced to have sex with the victim, who was helpless. The victim could not do anything when the suspect was on top of the victim’s body,” he said.

The rape case was finally uncovered after the victim told what happened to her mother (grandmother) and child, as well as the victim’s relatives.

“The Ambulu Police Criminal Investigation Unit conducted an investigation and investigation, and around 23.00 WIB, managed to arrest and secure the suspect,” said Sugeng.

For the purposes of the investigation, Tuesday, July 23 2021, the police also took the victim to the RSUD dr. Soebandi for divisum. As of Tuesday night, the suspect is still undergoing investigation and is being held at the Ambulu Police Headquarters. The police also confiscated evidence of a striped T-shirt, a long black skirt, and a blue sheet.

“So far, the police are still investigating the motive, why this suspect would rape his biological child,” he said.

For his actions, the suspect was charged with Article 46 in conjunction with Article 8 letter a of RI Law no. 23 of 2004 concerning domestic violence (KDRT) and/or Article 286 of the Criminal Code concerning the rape of a powerless biological child.


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