The story of the wife asking for love 9 times, the husband sues for divorce

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A husband in Tulungagung filed for divorce from his wife for an unusual reason. The lawsuit was filed because the husband could not fulfill his wife’s request for sex nine times a day. The news went viral.

The couple’s divorce lawyer, Mohammad Hufron Efendi, acknowledged the news. Hufron said the lawsuit took place in late 2019.

“So it’s true that the case I handled. Judging from his background, one of the triggers was that his wife was hypersexual. Then from there came the argument. Well, what was used as the material for divorce was the argument, not the sexual relationship, because it was very personal,” said Hufron at the time. contacted by detikcom, Saturday (15/8/2020).

Hufron explained, the couple was less than 30 years old. The age of marriage is also less than a year. During domestic life, the frequency of his wife’s sexual life dominates and always asks to be served his sexual desires repeatedly in a day.

“When it comes to new married couples, the frequency is usually still high. The term is that Javanese people are ‘jittery’. Now, if the frequency is excessive, this is another problem. That’s the only background (sexual relationship),” explained Hufron.

According to Hufron, the divorce filing went smoothly. The panel of judges at the Tulungagung Religious Court decided that the couple was legally divorced.

According to a psychologist from Tulungagung Ifada Nur Rohmania, uncontrolled sexual intercourse in a woman is called Nymphomania. But the woman is very likely not to enjoy the relationship.

“It’s very possible that you don’t enjoy the sexual relationship itself, because it can be due to depression, career problems, failed love, and so on,” said Ifada. Ifada explained, hypersexuality problems are usually caused by various factors. Among them is a form of escape from an unresolved problem of Oedipal origin.

“The need to prove the degree of masculinity and femininity even the need to get affection with intimate relationships,” explained Ifada.

On the other hand, the problem of hypersexuality in women can also be caused by masturbation, the habit of watching pornographic content, to paid sex or having sex with multiple partners.

“Nymphomania can be treated with therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and medical intervention with drugs,” said Ifada.


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