3 Rape and Murder Perpetrators Arrested, Their Motives Revealed, Oh It Turns out

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SANGA VILLAGE – The case of murder and rape of victim Roaini, 28, has finally been revealed. The police managed to arrest three of the five perpetrators of the gang.

The three suspects, namely AL (30), RH (24), and JP (19), were arrested by the Sparta Crime Hunter Team of the Sanga Desa Police along with the Muba Police Criminal Investigation Unit and were arrested in separate places, Saturday (10/7). The victim, who is a resident of Panai Village, Sanga Desa Subdistrict, Muba Regency, was previously found floating in the Panai River, last Wednesday (7/7).

It turned out that the suspects were not distant people but some who were still neighbors with the victim. Suspects AL and RH were arrested at their hiding place in Rejo Sari Village, Jirak Jaya District, and perpetrator JP was arrested at his home in Air Balui Village, Sanga Desa District. Three suspects when presented at the time of the release revealed the case that was held at the Muba Police Station on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Boim/daily muba “There are still two other perpetrators, namely CA and SK as the brains of the perpetrators who are currently in pursuit and are on our wanted list (DPO),” explained Muba Police Chief AKBP Erlin Tangjaya SIK accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Muba Police AKP Ali Rojikin, SH, accompanied by the Sanga Village Police Chief Iptu Yohan Wiranata, SH and the Sanga Village Criminal Investigation Unit Head Ipda Joharmen, SH MSi, when releasing his case on Sunday (11/7) afternoon.

From the results of the crime scene (TKP) conducted by the joint team on Sunday (11/7/2021) afternoon, it was revealed the role of each perpetrator. The victim was raped in turns by the five perpetrators. Then the victim was executed by being beaten with wood and stabbed with a knife and then thrown into the river.

The motive? The perpetrator of the SK (DPO) was hurt by the victim because his invitation to marry was rejected by the victim and his family. Then he planned this assassination.

“The motive was hurt because the victim’s invitation to marry was rejected by the perpetrator,” said Erlin Tangjaya. The two perpetrators who are still on the DPO, namely SK and CA, are reminded to surrender as soon as possible. “We urge and convey to the DPO perpetrators and their families that they should be able to surrender themselves, if not, we will take firm and measured action,” he said. Erlin said that the murder case was revealed when the Navy suspect who helped in the evacuation slipped out of his way to reveal the identity of the body found in the Panai River. Even though at that time the condition of the corpse was still face down, and the face of the corpse was not visible. Furthermore, from the songs of the Navy who had been secured, the identities of the other perpetrators were also known. “This Navy actor even took part in lifting the bodies of the victims during yesterday’s evacuation. Now he had mentioned someone’s name even though the body’s face was no longer recognized, that’s where suspicion arose until it was successfully revealed, “he explained. This suspect will be subject to primary Article 340 in conjunction with 55 of the Criminal Code, Subsidiary 338 in conjunction with 55 of the Criminal Code and Article 285 of the Criminal Code. “With the threat of life imprisonment or the death penalty,” he said

In front of the police, the suspect AL admitted that he participated in evacuating the victim’s body because he felt guilty for raping and killing the victim. “I’m sorry sir. The victim also came to my house in the form of a shadow. Even looking at the calendar, I can imagine the victim’s face. After raping, I was ordered by SK to hit the victim with a stick, then stabbed me with a knife,” he admitted. Meanwhile, the suspect, RH, said that the murder and rape had been planned by the main perpetrator SK (DPO). “SK, invites us to negotiate to carry out this action. SK took the victim to the garden. Well, that’s where the decree raped the victim, after that we were forced to rape the victim otherwise we were threatened with death,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the suspect, JP, admitted that he was invited by a decree, which was counted as his own uncle. At that time, SK admitted that he wanted to meet a girl, then he was invited to come along, otherwise he would be killed. “He didn’t say who the girl was, sir, I was supervising. I’m so sorry, sir, I’m dying,” he said. (ren/boi/sumeks)


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