7 Facts about Rachel Vennya and Okin’s Marriage, Ended in Divorce!

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Who doesn’t know Rachel Vennya? This woman born in 1995 was formerly a Make Up Artist. Currently he is a successful entrepreneur and also a celebrity who has many fans. The woman who is familiarly called Buna has married one of the personnel of the LYON music group, namely Niko Al Hakim alias Okin in 2017. relationship-goal.

But suddenly Rachel filed for divorce! What’s wrong? We will cover them in 7 facts about Rachel Vennya and Okin’s marriage. Without waiting any longer, check out the first facts below!

1. Dating Since 2014

Rachel Vennya and Okin have been dating since 2014! When dating, they often vacation abroad such as Japan, Maldives, Switzerland, and Paris. This can be seen in Rachel Vennya’s YouTube video upload. Then it made netizens idolize and praise the romance of the two of them. They even gave each other luxury items such as a Range Rover.

However, after 2 years of dating, Rachel Vennya and Okin’s relationship reportedly ran aground due to the emergence of a third person. At that time Okin reportedly impregnated another woman. A moment later, Okin stated that the news was true and he admitted to having done so when his relationship with Rachel was strained. He also said that he would be financially responsible if the fetus was proven to be his child. Okin then apologizes to Rachel and ends up dating again.

2. Held a Luxurious Wedding in 2017

After 3 years of dating, Rachel Vennya and Okin decided to get married on January 7, 2017. Their marriage was among the most excited at that time. How not, at that time they used the Disney concept when they got married in Bali. Rachel wore a beautiful white Snow White dress and was very beautiful. Okin is also wearing a prince costume. Not only that, they also invited top artists like Raisa. At the time of their marriage, Rachel was 22 and Okin was 23.

3. Looks Very Harmonious

After marriage, the couple Rachel and Okin often make netizens jealous, because they look romantic and intimate. Even on Okin’s birthday, Rachel surprises her by chartering a private jet. They then went on vacation to Phuket, Thailand. They also invited their friends so that Okin’s birthday was very lively. Rachel and Okin are also reportedly studying together at the London School of Public Relations in Bekasi. Until they graduated from college together. No wonder at that time many netizens were jealous of the intimacy of the two of them!

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