Annoyed that sexual relations were not continued, this man stabbed a prostitute to death

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The Joint Team from the Resmob Polda Lampung, Tekab 308 Polres South Lampung together with the Tekab Unit Polsek Kalianda managed to arrest a man with the initials RS (25 years old) for the murder of a woman who works as a prostitute.

The prostitute, known as Noni Apriani (32) alias Sherly, was first found dead in a rented room in Kedaton Village, Kalianda, South Lampung, last Friday (13/8). He was found with full stab wounds on his body.

The hospital was successfully secured by officers on Saturday night at its hiding place, in Adirejo village, Jabung, East Lampung.

Based on information from the Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Police, Kombes Pol. Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, the motive for the RS to kill Sherly was because he was upset that sexual relations were not continued.

Sherly refused to continue the intercourse and kicked RS out of her room, even though the two had previously made an appointment through open BO.

Annoyed by this, RS got emotional and immediately stabbed Sherly from behind with a kitchen knife.

In fact, after committing the murder, RS ran away and took a number of Sherly’s valuables, such as two cellphones and a motorcycle.

“After the victim died, the suspect took two cellphones and a motorcycle belonging to the victim, then fled,” said Pandra, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

For his actions, the hospital is now charged with Article 365 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code and is threatened with 15 years in prison.


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