CRITICAL ! Grandpa asked to be delivered to his nephew, in the boarding room a terrible incident occurred

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An obscene grandfather in Makassar was arrested by the police.

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Makassar – Police arrested a 46-year-old grandfather with the initials H in Makassar City. Without a fight, H was taken to the Makassar Police Headquarters to account for his actions.

“We have secured it and are currently undergoing an examination at the PPA Unit of the Makassar Polrestabes,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Makassar Police, Commissioner Jamal Fatur Rakhman in his statement to — network, Thursday 1 July 2021.

Jamal said that it started when the victim SS (11 years old) was taking care of his grandmother who was lying sick in the hospital. Perpetrator H went to the victim, asking to be accompanied by taking the bag. The location is on Jalan Pampang, Makassar.

“The perpetrator contacted the victim via telephone. The victim also met the perpetrator. There the perpetrator asked the victim to accompany him to pick up the bag at the perpetrator’s boarding house,” explained Jamal.

Without suspicion, the victim accompanied the uncle. Arriving at the destination, the victim informed his mother that he was at his uncle’s boarding house.

“The first perpetrator entered the toilet, after leaving the victim immediately committed an obscene crime against the victim,” he said.

The victim did not expect his uncle’s treatment. Finally put up a fight. Luckily, the mother came to help. So the culprit ran away.

“The victim’s mother reported the incident to us and we will secure the perpetrators,” said Jamal.

For H’s actions, he will also be charged with Article 82 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 17 of 2016 concerning the second amendment to the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 23 of 2002 concerning child protection.



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