Rape Two Models, Photographer Arrested

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A freelance photographer from Banjar Purwa, Pengastulan Village, Seririt District, Buleleng, Putu Manuaba alias Manu, 43, was arrested by the police on suspicion of raping two of his models. The perpetrators were arrested based on reports from the two victims who are still high school students, namely Dayu Mawar, 17, and Kadek Melati, 17.

The suspect, Putu Manuaba, who already has a wife and children, was apprehended by the Banjar Sector Police without a fight at his home in the Pengstulan Village area, Seririt District, Monday (3/12). After being investigated intensively at the Banjar Police Headquarters, the perpetrator was taken to the Buleleng Police Headquarters in Singaraja, Wednesday.

The depraved act of suspect Putu Manuaba was initially revealed when the victim’s parents, Kadek Melati, from Banjar District, Buleleng, reported this case to the Banjar Sector Police. The police followed up on this report.

Three weeks after the report by the parents of victim Dayu Mawar, the Banjar Police received a similar report again, Monday, December 3, 2018. This time, reports of alleged rape were made by the parents of victim Dayu Mawar, also from Banjar District. The person who was reported was the same, namely the suspect Putu Manuaba.

Based on the report to the police, the modus operandi of the lecherous actions carried out by the suspect, Putu Manuaba, was the same: a photo shoot with the theme of kidnapping, then the victim was sexually assaulted. Both the victims of Dayu Mawar and Kadek Melati are both students from a high school in Banjar District. So, that same day, Monday, the suspect, Putu Manuaba, was arrested.

During the police investigation, the two victims admitted that they knew the suspect Putu Manuaba through social media. Both of them became victims of the rape of a lewd photographer with the lure of becoming a famous model.

The Head of the Buleleng Police, AKBP Suratno, said that before launching his lewd action, the suspect first targeted the victim to be invited to take a photo shoot at Uma Anyar Beach, Uma Anyar Village, Seririt District, Buleleng. After taking several photo sessions, the victim was then invited by the suspect to his photo studio in Pengastulan Village, Seririt District.

“Well, when he arrived at the suspect’s studio, the victim was asked to change clothes and act out a kidnapping-themed shooting style. According to the theme, the victim was photographed with his hands tied, his mouth gagged with a cloth, and his eyes closed. That’s when the victim was sexually assaulted,” said AKP Suratno when confirmed at the Buleleng Police Headquarters, last Wednesday.

After the victim was tied with hands, mouth gagged, and eyes closed, the suspect then launched his lewd act. Since the beginning, including Putu Manuaba, everything has been prepared. Including, setting the song at a loud volume, so that the victim’s groans are not heard by neighbors.

According to AKP Suratno, both victims were molested in the same way. They fucked in the same place, at different times. After venting his depraved lust, the suspect then released the victim.

However, the suspect’s depraved actions were finally exposed after the two victims complained to their parents. Later, the victim’s parents reported the case to the police. However, the police only managed to apprehend the suspect Putu Manuaba, or three weeks after the case was reported by the victim’s parents, Kadek Melati.

The suspect, Putu Manuada, was arrested without a fight, along with a number of evidences, including the victim’s clothes, the scarf used to tie the victim’s hands, a digital camera, 2 laptops, the perpetrator’s cellphone, and photographic equipment.

Police estimate the number of victims at more than two people. The reason is, in the camera and laptop belonging to the suspect, dozens of photos of other girls were found. “It’s just that so far only two victims have reported it,” explained AKBP Suratno.

For his actions, the suspect Putu Manuada was charged with Article 81 paragraph (1) of RI Law Number 35 of 2014 amendments to RI Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection in conjunction with Article 63 of the Criminal Code, with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Putu Manuaba, admitted that he had raped two models. The suspect admitted that he was mistaken, because he could not bear to see the beauty of the body of the ‘impromptu’ model. “I was mistaken. The first victim (Dayu Mawar) actually gave me Rp 100,000. Meanwhile, the second victim (Kadek Melati) said he wanted to buy an air conditioner, but he ran away crying,” explained the suspect at the Buleleng Police Headquarters, last Wednesday.


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