RETIRED CIVIL SERVANTS !!! What a heart to do grandfather to his neighbor who is still young

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It is heartbreaking to do what the grandfather with the initials SU (66) did to his young neighbor. The resident from Karanggayam Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency, had sex with an underage girl.

The victim, call him Bunga, is still in elementary school. At the age of only eight, he became a victim of SU, who was a former civil servant at the local sub-district elementary school.

Kebumen Police Chief AKBP Rudy Cahya Kurniawan through a press release revealed that Grandpa’s lecherous actions were carried out in March and April 2021. The suspect repeatedly molested Bunga in an empty building.

The lecherous grandpa’s mode threatens while giving the lure of money so that the victim will obey his lust. The case came to light after Bunga’s parents saw something odd about their child.

Flowers walk while enduring the pain. When asked, he dared to answer questions frankly regardless of Grandpa’s threat, that he was molested by Grandpa.

“The suspect’s actions were told to his parents who were then reported to us,” said AKBP Rudy,

From the post-mortem, the pain that Bunga suffered was due to being a victim of sexual abuse. After receiving evidence and witness statements, the Kebumen Police Criminal Investigation Unit swiftly arrested the suspect.

The suspect was arrested without a fight. In front of the police, the grandfather of 3 grandchildren admitted that he regretted his actions.

He also admitted that he was ashamed of his wife and children for what he had done. Especially at his current age, it should be used to spend a wonderful time playing with his grandchildren.

Regret first income, regret later meaningless. Grandpa’s words of regret are meaningless before the law.

The suspect was threatened with Article 81 of Law No. 17 of 2016 concerning the stipulation of a government regulation in lieu of Law no. 1 of 2016 concerning the second amendment to Law no. 23 of 2002 concerning child protection. The maximum prison sentence that awaits him is 15 years.

“Until now, the suspect is still being investigated intensively by the Sat Reskrim Investigator,” said the Kebumen Police Chief.


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