RUDE ACTION!!! A village head or Kadus makes a 13-year-old girl with the initials S like a young wife

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A village head or Kadus made a 13-year-old girl with the initials S like Young Wife, repeatedly asking for a share in bed, even though it was a niece.

The Kadus committed a heinous act that ruined the future of the 13-year-old girl for almost 6 years and it was done repeatedly.

Cruelly, the Kadus always threatened to kill the 13-year-old girl after she took her share of the bed.

The 13-year-old girl was repeatedly rocked by the head of the bed, as if making the 13-year-old girl his Young Wife.

The headmaster didn’t stop even though the 13-year-old girl was already 14 years old, the Kadus always asked for a share until the girl was 19 years old.

The young girl did not dare to tell the suffering she experienced because she was threatened to be killed by the Kadus.

For six years the young girl served the Kadus in bed without being able to fight back.

Like the saying goes, the storm must pass, the young girl finally dared to reveal the depraved behavior of Kadus after the girl was 19 years old.

At that time, the young girl had graduated from school and she returned to her parents’ house.

The teenage girl also recounted the sad incident she had experienced for 6 years at the Kadus house.

The Teenage Girl’s parents did not remain silent on the behavior of Kadus, who was none other than his brother.

The Teenage Girl’s parents reported the Kadus to the police for what she had done to her own nephew.

The Kadus with the initials AY was finally arrested by the police.

The 50-year-old man who was supposed to protect his nephew, turned out to be lecherous towards him.

Moreover, the perpetrator is the head of the hamlet (Kadus) who should set a good example for the residents.

Even doing things that violate the law.

The perpetrator is a hamlet head (kadus) in Dente Teladas District, Tulang Bawang Regency, Lampung Province.

While the victim’s initials S is still very young.

The girl who is now 19) years old is none other than the perpetrator’s nephew.

Ironically, the depraved acts of the perpetrators have been carried out for years.

The victim just told the incident that happened after graduating from school.

The perpetrator was finally arrested on Tuesday (10/8/2021) at around 18.00 WIB, at his residence in Dente Teladas District.

“The perpetrator of this harassment is the head of the hamlet (kadus), a resident of the Dente Teladas Sub-district, Tulang Bawang Regency,” said the Head of the Dente Teladas Police, Iptu Eman Supriatna, Wednesday (11/8/2021), as reported by Tribun Lampung.

The perpetrator’s actions were revealed when the victim told her parents what had happened.

During school, the victim lived with the suspect.

After graduating, the victim then returned to his home in the District of Dente Teladas.

Arriving at home, the victim told her parents about what had happened while living with AY.

The victim admitted that his uncle had committed immorality to him.

The victim’s parents who heard that were immediately emotional.

They then went to the Dente Teladas Police Headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim’s parents also reported the immoral acts that AY had done to their child.

After receiving the report, the police immediately started hunting for the perpetrators.

Less than 24 hours, the perpetrator was finally arrested.

“The perpetrator was arrested while he was at his house,” said Eman, reported by Tribun Lampung.

From there it was known that the perpetrators’ depraved acts had been carried out for years.

Namely from June 2015 to 2021.

“The first action took place in June 2015 at 01.00 WIB in the victim’s room at the perpetrator’s house,” said Eman.

“Because the victim stayed at the perpetrator’s house while attending school,” added Eman.

At that time, the perpetrator entered the victim’s room and asked to have sex.

To carry out his depraved act, the perpetrator threatened the victim.

“The perpetrator threatened to kill the victim if the victim refused the perpetrator’s invitation,” Eman explained.

It doesn’t stop there, the depraved acts will continue to be carried out by the perpetrators until 2021.

“Every time after the action, the victim is always threatened with death by the perpetrator if he tells other people,” he said.

Until now, the perpetrators are still undergoing intensive examination at the Dente Teladas Police Headquarters.

The perpetrators were charged with Article 81 Paragraph 3 in conjunction with Article 76D of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 17 of 2016 concerning Stipulation of Government Regulations in Lieu of Law Number 1 of 2016.

Regarding the Second Amendment to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection.

Based on the law, the threat of punishment that awaits perpetrators of AY is quite long, a maximum of 20 years in prison.


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