VERY AWESOME!!! The mode is given a job, eh, even in Indehoy and the men have taken the goods…

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The sad story comes from a woman who came to Pekalongan, who had been the victim of looting and rape. After he was lured by a job by a viral man on social media.

The sad story was shared through video uploads on the Instagram account @ Beritapekalongan1, Friday. The video shows the confession of a woman who was a victim of looting and rape.

Told in a written statement that the account explained that initially this woman was about to be offered a job as a Household Assistant (ART) by a man through the Facebook network.

Then on Thursday (12/08/2021), this woman was picked up by the man at his house. But instead of getting the job she wanted, this woman was deceived.

Because the man robbed all of his belongings to rape the woman. Like falling down a ladder, this woman was then left alone in the middle of the road in the Linggo Asri area.

The items confiscated by the man included cellphones and wallets containing 300 thousand, ID cards and health cards.

Seeing this depraved treatment, this woman immediately reported the incident to the local police.

Apparently in the next video upload, the police did not take long to find the man. The police managed to arrest and arrest the man in the Batang square.

Suddenly the upload of the video drew concern from netizens. Not a few of the citizens who gave various responses.

Thank God the culprit has been caught, please be patient, Ms. e. Hopefully the culprits get the punishment they deserve,” said the @bunga7901 account.

Hopefully a fair punishment can be given so that I give up,” said the account @tinaamoy26.

“It’s finally the culprit, especially in the case of rape in the cell, it will be miserable to be beaten up by the old occupants. For 5 months you won’t be calm, so don’t rape,” said the account @rudiyanto4224.

“Today I still believe in things that are not clear, hopefully it won’t happen again.


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