CEK COK at the GYM, it was said that it wasn’t normal in the end this personal trainer stabbed me. .

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Suspected of having a same-sex relationship, two handsome, handsome and muscular 40-year-old men were involved in the murder at the Araya Family Club, Jalan Arif Rahman Hakim, Surabaya, Monday (26/4/2021).

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According to a local resident who did not want to be named, he explained that he knew that the two men involved in the stabbing were fellow club gym coaches.

For some reason, the two of them in the morning when they were about to work were involved in bickering with each other. Until finally the perpetrator, known as AT (39), a resident of Surabaya, stabbed victim Fardy Candra (46), a resident of Gembong Sawah. When asked about what, he admitted that he did not know exactly, but according to rumors he knew there was an argument over something.

“He said he was fighting over something. Don’t know yet (partner or work tool.red). It’s a knife, but I don’t know where it came from,” he explained to beritajatim.com at the scene.

After stabbing, the perpetrator, who was wearing a yellow shirt and black tights, did not run. In fact, the perpetrator gallantly walked out of the office casually. Even when they were about to go to the Sukolilo Surabaya Police Station, the perpetrators were not held, handcuffed or closely guarded by officers. Even though there were police officers and office security around the incident.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sukolilo Police, Iptu Abidin, was confirmed to have corrected this incident. When asked about the total chronology, he confirmed the incident when asked by beritajatim.com regarding the identity and photos of the perpetrators.

Currently, the perpetrator is still undergoing examination at the Sukolilo Police Headquarters. When questioned, the suspect was still wearing a yellow T-shirt covered in the victim’s blood.

“That’s right (perpetrators and victims according to foto.red),” said Iptu Abidin, briefly explained.

From the data obtained by beritajatim.com, the perpetrator reportedly stabbed the victim seven times. Including a deadly stab that hit the victim’s neck. The victim himself reportedly died while receiving treatment at the nearest hospital from the scene.


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