Dumped when pregnant, this beautiful woman’s change must make her former regret it

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“Your husband must be crying seeing you now and regretting having left his wife and children,” said a netizen. Many people have experienced failure in marriage. However, not a few of them got up and managed to reorganize the foundation to resume life.

Listen to the story of the creator of TikTok, Intan Maleka, below. The woman admitted that she had to live a bitter life because she was betrayed by her ex-husband. She even separated from her ex-husband while pregnant.

“I didn’t think that at such a young age, God chose to undergo this test. Had to accept betrayal when I was pregnant with my third child,” wrote the owner of the @intanmaleka account. “Give birth without a partner,” he added.

Any woman who experiences the way of life like Intan Maleka will definitely find it hard to go through it. Had to support three children, without a husband. Intan also felt fragile at that time.

“Even though my heart is fragile, but I try to stay strong for the sake of them, my three angels so that they always smile,” Intan Maleka determined.

Intan Maleka does not want to be trapped in the pain of her life. He kept trying hard, one of them by completing the delayed education.

“Even though I had to start all over again, several times I almost gave up,” he wrote.

Intan continues to pump her spirit of life. In his heart, he kept saying he couldn’t give up on the situation. “Even though I fell several times, I still got up,” he said.

Finally, all his struggles and tears were not in vain. From his hard work, he managed to buy a house for his three daughters. “Build according to their dreams, ‘have a big room with a princess theme’,” said Intan Maleka.

In the video he also shows how happy his children are when they move into a new house with a bigger room.

Not only Intan Maleka’s house, they also built a small boarding house for their income when Intan Maleka’s business experienced difficulties. He also bought a new car. “Because of our vehicle that you gave to someone else.”

However, Intan Maleka said she still forgave her husband who had left her in trouble, which not everyone could bear. “We will still forgive everyone because they are happy at this time.”

Through the video, Intan also apologized to her children. Because he feels that he still has flaws. However, he still tries to be the best father and mother for his children. “May you always be happy with mom,” he wrote.

The post caught the attention of TikTok users. In just a day it was uploaded, the content has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

The video also garnered more than 77.3K likes and 4,611 comments.

“The best mom,” commented Darling.

“You are great,” wrote Farid Maulana.

“Your husband will definitely cry seeing you now and regret having left his wife and children,” commented Erna Yanti657.

“This is so beautiful, cute children are being cheated on, where are the husband’s eyes and heart,’ commented Gina Rosyana.

“Inspiration for wives who experience the same thing. The point is we don’t give up for the sake of a heart,” commented Mom Princes.

Source: 1NEWS

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