Lesty Kejora cancels wearing her wedding dress, this is how Ivan Gunawan feels

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Ivan Gunawan was not disappointed when he learned that Lesty Kejora had canceled her wedding dress. “Yes, the name is a tailor, the bride and groom are free to choose whose design to use,” said Ivan Gunawan in the Mampang area, Jakarta (17/8/2021).

Moreover, according to the narrative of the man who is usually called Igun, he also has not prepared a fashion design for Lesty Kejora. So it doesn’t matter if Rizky Billar’s future wife moves to another designer.

Lesty Kejora Cancels Wearing Ivan Gunawan’s Design at the Wedding, Why?

“The bottom line is I’m still happy for Lesty and Rizky Billar’s marriage, even though I’m not Lesty’s designer,” said the presenter.

Igun also ensured that there were no personal problems behind the cancellation of the wedding dress for Lesty Kejora.

“All right, keep going. You want people to fight,” he said.

Lesty Kejora canceled plans to wear a wedding dress designed by Ivan Gunawan. Ivan Gunawan did not convey the reason for Lesty’s cancellation.

“I don’t know why, but it’s not sudden, it’s been a long time,” he said.

Source: tribunnews.com

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