Mural “The Real Plague is Hunger” Removed by Officials, Camat: Violating Perda

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A mural that reads ‘THE TRUE OUTBREAK IS HUNGER’ located in Parung Serab, Ciledug, Tangerang City, was removed by sub-district officials, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

The Head of Ciledug Sub-district, Syarifudin, revealed that his party, through the TIB personnel, overcame the mural using black paint.

“Yes (deleted), last Tuesday,” said Syarifudin by telephone, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

He claimed that the deletion of the mural was not done because of the context of the mural which was allegedly satirizing the government.

However, the mural was removed because it violated Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2011 concerning Order, Cleanliness, and Beauty (K3).

The mural was also removed because it was made on land or property belonging to another person located on Jalan Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Parung Serab.

“It’s on people’s land, that’s the entrance to people’s gates,” said Syarifudin.

“It also violates the regulations related to K3. If there are flags, billboards, etc., which are not allowed, it’s also not allowed,” he continued.

His party is currently still investigating the mural maker. He himself admitted that he did not know when the mural was made.

Syarifudin said that residents in Tangerang City were allowed to be creative and put it into any form.

However, the form of creation must be channeled in the right place.

“We can innovate, be creative but in the right place. Not on people’s land, people’s entrances,” he said.

As for the deletion of this mural, it has happened twice in Tangerang City.

Previously, the mural that was suspected to be the face of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in Batujaya, Batuceper, Tangerang City, was removed or overwritten with black paint by the authorities on August 12, 2021.

Batujaya Village Head, Jamaludin, said the mural was removed by the three pillars of Batuceper District, namely the government, and the TNI-Polri.

He revealed the chronology of the removal of the mural.

Initially, the Batujaya Urban Village received reports from residents regarding the existence of the mural in its administrative area on August 12, 2021 at around 10.30 WIB.

“We have a report, residents. We don’t know when it was made, around 10.30 WIB (on) Thursday, he said there was a picture, we’ll see,” said Jamaludin.

Jamaludin then inspected the location of the mural on Jalan Pembangunan 1, Batujaya.

After conducting a review, he reported the existence of the mural to the Batuceper District.

According to the report, three Batuceper pillars hit the mural with black paint on the alleged face of Jokowi.

Jamaludin admitted that he did not know the reason the three Batuceper pillars fell on the mural. The reason is that what happened to the mural was not Batujaya Village.

The police examined two witnesses regarding the mural case, which is suspected to be Jokowi’s face.


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