Revealed, Dinar Candy’s Sincere Expression for Deddy Corbuzier

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Even though he is facing legal problems that ensnare him, it seems that Dinar Candy often feels lucky. This is because the woman who was previously known as a Disk Jockey has a friend who often provides moral support in times of downturn like today.

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As previously known, Dinar Candy now has to deal with legal issues due to his reckless act of wearing a bikini on the highway in the Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta some time ago.

The action was carried out by the artist whose real name is Dinar Miswari because of the initiative to criticize the PPKM policy implemented by the government as an effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of his behavior, Dinar Candy has also been officially named as a suspect by the police even though he was not detained and only subject to mandatory reporting.

Inevitably, the series of events that happened to him also made Dinar feel very grateful that there were still many colleagues who gave him moral support. And one of the friends who, according to Dinar Candy, was there when he was down was none other than Deddy Corbuzier.

The statement was also expressed by Dinar in a post on his personal Instagram account, @dinar_candy which contained his pose with the master magician who recently decided to withdraw from his activities on podcasts and social media.

“When I was down, it turned out that there were still people who cared, thank you, uncle ded …,” wrote the caption of the Dinar Candy post.

In fact, previously many rumors had developed that Deddy Corbuzier’s decision to withdraw from podcasts and social media also had something to do with Dinar Candy.

However, the news vanished after the magician Denny Darko had time to predict what the background of master Deddy chose to leave his podcast program which is often trending on the YouTube network.


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