Seeing a Woman Entering the Tanjungpinang District Court Cell, This Judge Was Shocked When He Found a Prisoner Indehoy?

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Judge Santonius Tambunan SH caught a couple who he strongly suspected were having sex in the detention cell of the Tanjungpinang District Court, Monday afternoon, at around 17.00 WIB.

The drug prisoner named Furgan admitted to paying a certain amount of money to officers if he wanted to make love in the cell.

Responding to the incident, the Head of the Tanjungpinang District Attorney’s Office, when confirmed, refused to answer.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Riau Islands High Prosecutor’s Office (Kajati) Andar Perdana was surprised to hear the story.

He admitted that he had just received the information.

“Just heard from me. What time did it happen? I’ll contact Kajari (Tanjungpinang) later,” said Kajati Kepri.

Regarding the alleged bribery in the incident, Andar asked the party who submitted the information to be proven.

“It has to be with proof that someone has received it. Don’t just provide information that is not clear. But thank you for the information. I will find out,” he said.

As reported, Judge Santonius caught a prisoner who remained in the Tanjungpinang District Court cell after the trial, while his fellow prisoners had returned to prison.

A woman then goes into a holding cell.

Santonius who passed by the cell suspiciously saw the woman enter.

He immediately approached the cell and shouted.

“Wow, what are you doing? Get out! Get out! Who is that? With who? It’s not allowed to be like that here,” said the judge who also serves as Public Relations of the Kejari.

Furgan then appeared in front of the cell and said he didn’t do anything.

At that time the condition of the cell was still locked.

But Santonius was suspicious, then climbed up the cell to look inside.

His suspicions grew stronger when he saw that the cell room was closed with a curtain using prison clothes and a rope.

He saw that there was a woman in the cell.

“Come on, get out you guys! It can’t be like that,” he said angrily.

Santonius admitted that there are no rules that prohibit prisoners from having sex like husband and wife.

But what he did in the court cell was inappropriate.

This Judge Was Shocked When He Found a Prisoner Indehoy?

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