Denies the allegation of North Sumatra’s vengeance, Azriel Hermansyah asks Krisdayanti for one thing

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After re-opening the gathering room, Aurel Hermansyah looked comfortable when he returned to the arms of his biological mother, Krisdayanti.

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Aurel Hermansyah, who usually couldn’t get away from Ashanty, slowly began to get used to living without the shadow of his mother.

His togetherness with Krisdayanti also reaped various public comments. Some are praising, some are blaspheming.

Moreover, recently Aurel Hermansyah was also accused of having an argument with The Hermansyah’s family in Cinere, Depok.

The allegation strengthened after the youngest, Azriel Hermansyah made an upload on his personal Instagram account. Azriel is said to dislike Aurel Hermansyah’s close relationship with his biological mother, Krisdayanti.

Azriel also seems to want to keep Ashanty’s feelings by uploading old photos and praising Ashanty.

Inevitably, netizens feel that the resentment and heartache that Azriel Hermansyah felt on Krisdayanti has not been completed. Answering this, firstly Azriel Hermansyah opened his voice.

Azriel Hermansyah emphasized that he had absolutely no problem with Aurel Hermansyah’s close relationship with Krisdayanti.

The youngest child of the couple Krisdayanti and Anang Hermansyah also said that he also wanted to get closer to his mother.

“Then now listen to it like this, if we have a grudge, what will the revenge be? It’s not the past, we’ve always wanted to be close,” said Azriel Hermansyah as quoted from the StarPro YouTube channel.

Not only emphasized that he wanted to be treated the same as Aurel, Azriel also asked Krisdayanti one thing.

The youngest apparently wanted to go on vacation together and be visited like Krisdayanti visited Aurel Hermansyah.

“I want a vacation together, I want a podcast together, I want Mimi to come to my house to play. We don’t even have a house. We always open the house,” said Azriel Hermansyah.


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