Types of Toxic Parenting that Needs to be Watched

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Jenis-jenis Toxic Parenting yang Perlu Diwaspadai

Connection toxic between parents and children can affect the mental and physical health of children. There are types toxic parenting that needs to be watched out for. Don’t let Mums and Dads unconsciously do it toxic parenting against children.

Usually, toxic parents lack insight, maturity, and affection. They can cause mental and physical problems and trauma to their children. Come on, find out what the types are toxic parenting!

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What’s that Toxic Parenting?

Emotionally healthy parents can understand their children’s feelings and encourage them to pursue their dreams, teach them to apologize if they make mistakes, and discuss problems through healthy communication.

However, some families have unhealthy rules, where overly critical, controlling, and abusive parents who neglect their children’s needs are considered normal. Not only occasionally, toxic parents consistently do dangerous things.

They do not realize that the things they do can damage the child’s psychology. Most children can accept anger from their parents, but they also need love, reassurance, and understanding.

When a child is raised with violence, hatred, judgment, and repeated criticism of his behavior, personality, or performance, he will grow up with low trust.

Unfortunately, the parents who toxic his behavior extends to how they treat children. Often parents who toxic have emotional disorders, narcissism, and alcoholism.

Toxic parenting is dangerous and reduces the love and warmth that children need. Children tend to grow up with fear, guilt, and bonds. They will always seek validation to prove that they deserve to live.

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Types Toxic Parenting What to Watch Out for

Here are the types toxic parenting what Mums and Dads need to be aware of:

1. Insufficient Parents

Insufficient parents have a sense of guilt and despair. They often focus on their own problems and share their deepest thoughts and feelings with the children. They use children as a buffer in emotional crises. Type toxic parenting This can cause children to become adults even though they are still small.

2. Controlling Parents

Controlling parents doubt their children’s abilities. Controlling parents use manipulation, guilt, and caring to direct their lives. They dictate and control a child’s feelings, thoughts, and decisions. Parents who control fear of being irrelevant in the family, so they make their children feel helpless and overly dependent on their parents.

3. Parents who abuse drugs and alcohol

This type of toxic parenting has less time and energy to play the role of a good parent. Parents who abuse drugs and alcohol often behave violently when they are angry, and exhibit unpredictable aggressive behavior.

4. Parents Who Do Verbal Harassment

Some parents use ridicule, sarcasm, insults, and derogatory nicknames as weapons of verbal attack to comment on their child’s appearance, competence, intelligence, or value as a human being.

5. Parents Who Do Physical Abuse

Parents with type toxic parenting these cannot control their anger and instead use it to control their children. Some people think physical abuse will educate children to be more courageous and strong. On the contrary, it has a negative impact and causes physical, mental, and emotional injuries to children.

6. Parents Who Do Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment by parents is something that can damage mentally, psychologically, and traumatize a child for the rest of his life. It spoils the childhood and innocence of the child.

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