EMOTION !!! These 3 girls beat the hotel receptionist for being called P5K

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Annoyed that they are called commercial sex workers (CSWs), three Manado girls are desperate to beat Sartika R (25) a hotel receptionist on Jalan Boulevard, Manado City. The three Manado girls, JK alias Yessika (22) are residents of Paslaten Village, Kakas District, Minahasa Regency; PL alias Putri (16) is a resident of Sario Village, Manado City and YL (26) is a resident of Atep Village, Langowan Minahasa District.

The three Manadonese girls were immediately secured by the Sario Sector Police at a hotel on Jalan Pierre Tendean, Sario District, Manado City, Friday (30/7/2021).

Sario Police Chief Iptu Ilham Matulangi confirmed the arrest. “Police officers have arrested three women who are suspected of being involved in cases of assault,” he said.

The three were detained by the Sario Police for molesting a woman named Sartika R, 25, a resident of Pangu Village, East Ratahan District, Southeast Minahasa Regency, a receptionist at a hotel on Jalan Boulevard.

The chronology of the incident based on the police report began when the victim Sartika on Thursday, July 29, 2021 at around 18.30 WITA was involved in an argument with one of the perpetrators with the initials YL at the Dragon Hotel where he worked.

“The trigger was allegedly due to postings on the victim’s Facebook social network account about being called a comfort woman and graffiti on the hotel wall which caused the perpetrators to get angry,” said the police chief.

The perpetrator, YL, who was emotional, immediately slapped the victim in the face, followed by his two female friends, PL and JK, by hitting with their fists and kicking the victim so that the victim fell on the hotel lobby floor.

“After the incident, the three perpetrators immediately fled leaving the victim,” continued the police chief.

The victim who did not accept then reported the unfortunate incident that happened to him at the Sario Police Headquarters. “The results of the post-mortem due to the abuse together with the victim suffered bruises on the right eye and the victim’s nose was bleeding fresh. The three perpetrators have been detained at the Mapolsek and this case is in the process of further investigation, “said the Kapolsek.


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