GOOD GRIEF !!! This SMK student plunged into the world of online prostitution due to the pandemic. .

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made students struggle more with cellphones (HP) due to online learning at home. Ironically, cellphones are misused for negative activities, one of which is this SMK student in East Jakarta who is desperate to enter the world of prostitution.

Putri (18) is now working as an online prostitute. This young woman still lives with her parents. Putri admitted that she got into online prostitution because she was invited by her friend. Since going online during the pandemic, he has indeed used his cell phone more.

“I met someone using the MiChat application, which was also told by a friend,” said Putri when she was met at a hotel in East Jakarta, Wednesday

He admitted that he charged Rp800 thousand for a single date with a masher and never wanted to serve long time. “I have to go home, so I just want a short time,” he said.

Every time he sells himself, he always tells his parents to play at a friend’s house. Many male guests who have become customers so that if they need their bodies they will immediately contact him.

“Those who have subscribed usually know and they have booked a hotel in advance, so I just have to come,” said the 12th grade SMK student.

The results of selling themselves are used to meet daily needs such as playing with friends or their lifestyle.


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