Pregnant but not married, Mery Anastasia’s doctor is threatened with the death penalty after burning the workshop

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Young doctor Mery Anastasia (30 years old) is facing the death penalty after setting fire to the workshop belonging to the family of her boyfriend, Lionardi Syahputra (34 years old), killing Lionardi and his father and mother Edy Syahputra (father, 66 years) and Lilys Tasim (mother, 55 years). on Saturday morning (7/8/2021).

Head of the Tangerang City Police Public Relations Subdivision, Kompol Abdul Rachim, said Mery was charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code concerning Premeditated Murder.

“The threat of a 20-year sentence up to the death penalty,” Abdul told reporters, Wednesday (11/8/2021).

As is known, the motorcycle repair shop whose building is a three-story shophouse is located at Jalan Cemara Raya Number 30-31, Cibodasari Village, Cibodas District, Tangerang City. It is on the top floor of the workshop that Lionardi and his family live.

The fire quickly spread and spread because in the workshop there were materials that made the fire more widespread, such as gasoline in a motorcycle tank.

Lionardi and his father and mother were roasted to death because they were trapped upstairs. Only his younger siblings, Nando (20 years) and Siska (22 years), managed to save themselves in the fire incident.

According to Nando and Siska, Mery had an argument with their older brother, Lionardi, on Friday night (6/8/2021) at around 23.30 WIB in front of their family workshop.

At that time, Mery, for the umpteenth time, demanded Lionardi to marry her because she was pregnant.

However, for the umpteenth time, Lionardi rejected Mery’s demands.

At that time, Mery had conveyed a threat that he would burn down the motorcycle repair shop owned by the Lionardi family.

After a fight, Mery left in his car, a Mitsubishi Xpander with plate number B 2796 UOW.

Feeling that Mery was just bluffing, Lionardi went into the house and slept.

But apparently, Mery did not play with his words. He returned to Lionardi’s house with 10 liters of Pertamax gasoline packaged from 9 plastic wraps.

Because it was dark, Mery poured the gasoline she had bought and set the workshop on fire.

The fire quickly grew and explosions continued to sound.

At the scene, apart from finding unused gasoline, the police also found a One Med pregnancy test kit.

Friendly Relationship

Based on Indozone’s investigation, before the tragic event occurred, the relationship between Lionardi and Mery was actually running smoothly and normally.

Like people going out, they often spend time together, either eating together or traveling together.

Photos of their togetherness and intimacy are often uploaded on social media by the two of them.

On one occasion in early January, the two of them went on a trip to Tanjung Tinggi Beach in Belitung, one of the shooting locations for the film ‘Laskar Pelangi’. There, they spent time together and took pictures together.

Still in the same place, they also visited the lighthouse tower on Lengkuas Island.

Another time, they had dinner together at a dimsum restaurant.

“Dinner with my lovely doctor @meryanastasia #2019/12/19,” wrote Lionardi in the caption of his upload.

Lionardi also once teased Mery by quoting the lyrics of Glenn Fredly’s song while uploading a photo of Mery with his back to the camera while holding his hand.

“Where our hearts belong together. I will follow you. You’re the reason that I breathe. January 13, 2020,” Lionardi wrote on January 13, 2020.

However, what happened on Saturday morning, August 7, 2021, was the anticlimax of the intimate relationship they had had so far.

Mery was determined to burn the workshop owned by the Lionardi family, causing Lionardi and his father and mother to be roasted to death.


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